lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2005

Delayed - It was writen 9 days ago

I'm gonna start again
Wednesday the 17th I finally arrived to Malaga airport where my mother, my youngest brother and my aunt where waiting for me.The travel was not good at all because I felt very tired and my stomach was claiming for a proper toilet since the moment I got into the plane. There a was "a bit too much" alcohol the previous night and I also was in the hotel around 4 a.m. to say goodbye to Richard, Andy, Dave and leave a few goodbye letters. I hadn slept.

I have not sent any postcards or writen any emails to anyone yet. I have felt SO lazy here. I haven got internet at home either but I know I had to to do.I miss everyone of you all.
My first week in Spain has been very quiet, I wanted to spent some time near my my familly and I haven met many of my friends at the moment.

I have noticed that my brother (David, 21) has taken my car over. He is the one who is working now and I can not get the car everytime I want as I used to do.I need the car to see most of my friends but I feel like a thief if I ask my brother for the car cause he really needs it.

I have had to "repair" the computer already. The graphic card was burned by Oliver Rodriguez Fernandez. NOTE: if you hear a series of rare beeps coming from the computer, you just turn it off, unplug the cable; it getting too hot, don't want to know what it's going to happen after the beeps.My brother told me that his solution for the "beeps problem" was turn the radio on and turn the sound up enought for not to hear the computer noise.

I have tried the new Singstar ("Pop World") for PS2 and I did not notice any improvement in my singing despite I have been in UK for ten months.Moreover I feel proud of my listening when I playing "Resident Evil" in my Dreamcast. NOTE: as a matter of fact, all the dialogues usually go "What the Hell is that?", "Somebody help me" and "Nooooooo!!!!".

My cousin Frodo didn't pass his Japanese exams in June, he is (supossed to be) studying Japanese everyday but I don feel like joininig him yet. I have started to read kanjis over; I have forgoten a few hundreds ... :'(

I don't remember if I told everyone I wanted to go to China this year and afterwards that I changed my mind and I'm not going to go, at the moment.Well, the point is: China, not yet.
Nobody want to believe I could leave Spain again and I also feel very good here right now. It's gonna be time for me to think what I'm going to do. But, at the moment, I just want to rest, especially my mind. On holiday.The only clear thing in my mind is I did promise someone I will go back to England to stay with her and Adnaan Jinwala.

Bye 4 now.

miércoles, 27 de julio de 2005

Lea Marston's (Draft 1)

Dear Mrs Gilbert,

Thank you very much for allowing me to work at your hotel in the last ten months. The work was not very interesting but I learned a great deal about what the working enviroment (for inmigrants) was like.

When you told me I ought to move all my stuff from my old room to the one upstairs the next Monday, I couldn't imagine you were going to tell Sol Clifford and Tom Harper to doit for me three days before Monday. Such a delightful surprise when I came from Birmingham and I found my old room empty.

It has been also very reassuring to find out that someone from the hotel took the trouble of check my letters before give them to me, avoiding to hand me over any envelope containing some hazardous substance my parents could have put into it.

I still remember, also, the time Liz Ravendall came to "our" house at half nine in the morning. After some time shouting "hello" all over the house, she entered the room where Isaac Fernandez and me were trying to sleep - she did not bother herself with knocking the door - and she waited for Isaac to be awake to let him know that we should clean the kitchen.
Unfortunately Isaac had just come from working a couple of hours ago and he did not fell like tidying up.

Even when Isaac was gone, Marcus O'Brien did something similar when he wanted to let us know that the "then-unknown" French guy was coming that day.
I was the one who had finished working at seven in the morning. I needed to keep sleeping and it was a bit complicated when Mr. O'Brien turned the radio on and turned the volume up as loud as posible.
Unfortunately I had blocked the door using a table and we could not meet this morning.

There has not been something such "Privacy" in Lea Marston's house until the day Xavier came here.


Any kind of advices or suggestions to:

Take care.

See you!

miércoles, 20 de julio de 2005

Mission Codename BBQ - UC!!

(On account of this post was goig to take a long time to be finished, I think I'm going to wait to be in Spain to complete the report. I do apologize again :S)

July 17th

  • Time: 10:25
  • Place: Old Kingsbury Road
  • Involved: me
  • Action: leaving the house
  • Equipment: Reebok trainners, Springfield trousers, Diadora (Birmingham City official) TShirt, Rayban sunglasses, Blakes Pants, Unknown-brand socks
  • Target: going to Kingsbury White Swan bus stop
  • Items in bag: Kodak Digital camera, Oxford Diccionary & Thesaurus, two pens, "Maskerade" by Terry Prattchet, Glasses in its case, Sunglasses's case
  • Items in pockets: Sagen X2 Mobile, Wallet (£72.22)
  • Dificulties: I couldn't have breakfast... starving.
  • Notes: Sunny day. Very unusual.

  • Time: 10:54
  • Place: Kingsbury, in front of White Swan pub
  • Involved: me
  • Action: Arriving to the bus stop
  • Equipment: (same)
  • Target: wait for the bus to come
  • Items in bag: (same)
  • Items in pockets: same, Wallet (same)
  • Dificulties: I couldn't have breakfast... still starving, also a bit tired
  • Notes: Sunny day. Very unusual

  • Time: 11:07
  • Place: (same)
  • Involved: me, the bus driver
  • Action: Entering the bus and buying an "all day ticket"
  • Equipment: (same)
  • Target: go to Tamworth
  • Items in bag: (same)
  • Items in pockets: + "All day" bus ticket, Wallet (£68.47)
  • Dificulties: I couldn't have breakfast... I'm even a bit more starving
  • Notes: Sunny day. Very unusual

  • Time: 11:21
  • Place: Corporation Street, Tamworth
  • Involved: me
  • Action: Arrive to Tamworth
  • Equipment: (same)
  • Target: Find some place to eat
  • Items in bag: (same)
  • Items in pockets: same, Wallet (same)
  • Dificulties: I couldn't have breakfast... I'm even a bit more starving than when I came into the bus
  • Notes: The bus has gone faster than ever

  • Time: 11:33
  • Place: Mc Donald's in Tamworth Centre
  • Involved: me, a few people having breakfast
  • Action: eating a McMeal
  • Equipment: (same)
  • Target: avoid the starvation
  • Items in bag: (same)
  • Items in pockets: same, Wallet (£65.48)
  • Also items: + Coke, + Big Mac, + Pack of fries, + Pipe
  • Dificulties: that was not the place where I wanted to have my breakfast
  • Notes: The guy undestood my order on the first attempt.

  • Time: 11:46
  • Place: (same)
  • Involved: me
  • Action: leaving McDonalds
  • Equipment: (same)
  • Target: keep waiting for the bus to Birmingham
  • Items in bag: (same)
  • Items in pockets: same, Wallet (same)
  • (They were) also items: - Coke, - Big Mac, - Pack of fries, - Pipe
  • Dificulties: none
  • Notes: I've realized that McDonald's BigMac tastes gherkin-like when you don't put any sauce in it

  • Time: 11:56
  • Place: Gamestation in Tamworth Centre
  • Involved: me, seller guy
  • Action: buying two VMS (memory cards) for Dreamcast
  • Equipment: (same)
  • Target: carry the memory cards to Spain
  • Items in bag: + Two VMS
  • Items in pockets: same, Wallet (£59.50)
  • Dificulties: I can not see properly into the shop on account of I am wearing my sunglasses
  • Notes: I feel a bit upset because I think this time the guy didn't understand everything I said

miércoles, 13 de julio de 2005

I've got a cold - Ending I

When I tried to take a bus to go "what was going to be" my first Korean Class I was early at the bus stop. Unfortunatly I was only eight minutes early (and, if I'm not earlier than ten minutes the bus will be earlier than me*).
If I waited for the next bus I would be late for my first Korean class.
I missed it.

Anyway I wanted to go just to meet new people, I wanted to have interesting times again. It was a very important thing i had to do, right up to that point.

I really need to apologize to all the people that have been writing to me lately in account of I didn't give them any answer. Even when I, at last, had some spare time to go to the library, I had to stay at home because of an annoying cold.
I think I could write more often beginning from next month.

In the last email - a very sorrowfull and melancholy one - Billy sent me, I read about how time walks past the very nice moments we spent together and takes all of them leaving only a slight remembrace.
But then we can bring those moments to our minds we can fell happy again wherever we are. (from Billy's last email).

Well, I just wanted to let all of you know that I think my first season in England has finished (I'm already preparing things to go back to Spain for a few months).

In this very moment I think I would like to go back to Birmingham, because of Addy and Ally, (apart from Spanish food, and notebooks "with squares") I can find anything in Bullring, and I really enjoyed the feeling in the Ohanami party in Brass House and the time I stayed with Jose's classmates.
But this is what I think in "this very moment". I don't know what is going to happen.


I'll try to see you all next week.

PD to Masumi:If you need me to say that... well, I don't mind. "I don't forget about you" (Don't blame me ~_~, It's just that I can not use a computer as often as I would like :S)

(*) Of course, otherwise, if I'm earlier than ten minutes the bus will be late.

lunes, 4 de julio de 2005



Dear Wise Men:

I would have you know I moved to England last October. I guess you hadn't a propper information about emigration and perhaps, thats why my brothers and Inma had to do your job this year. I saw the sender address in the box, it wasn't any of you. That is not fair: as a "still" Spanish citizen, I have a right to get any presents from you each 6th of January if I have been a good guy all year round. Or, at last, you should have put some charcoal into my shoes if you thought I was not good enough. I really think you forget about me. On acount I dont want this to happen again I decided to write my letter five month early this year. Don't ever do it again or I'll let the Trade Union to know.

The circumstantes at the present time don't let me betoo evil. I'm stil working at the same hotel and, since the day Isaac went back to Spain, I had to do a lot of night shifts. That means I have been cloistered in my house for many days, sleeping in the morning, cooking, reading, writing or watching TV afterwards. You can see that acting that way it is obvious I can't go on with wickedness. It is true that I have not bought the birthday present for Addy yet, and it is also true that his birthday was around two months ago. Aside from the sparetime lack I would like you to know I don't know what trousers size he wears*.


Don't you worry about the games or playing cards. We are only three people at home - because Zack is at Daniel's everytime - but almost all of us manage to not get bored: Xavier reads and listens to music, I concentrate on learning English, and Alicia... she is in the habit of complaining that she feels bored living in a boring house.

In the last days I did eight night shifts in a row, i'd like to dwell on I WANT TO GET A NEW JOB wich lets me do things like: do not have to wait for a day off to go shopping, to use a computer or saying someone (out of work) "see you tomorrow".


Well, I think that's all at the moment. (I'll probably come back).

Yours sincerely,

Antonio Bruce Rodriguez Fernandez
(now in England).

* To solve the "what can I buy" problem, I finished off asking Addy what could Jose and me buy for him, whereas I justified our unforgivable act: "we can buy a white sport trousers for him to play cricket. We should not worry about stripes in the garment but if it hasn't got any it would be better".

sábado, 25 de junio de 2005


On account of my "new" night shifts and several others
events I couldn't write very often last month so here
is a little summary of the main happenings:

* The only I have achieved at the moment (about my
quest for a new job) has been a bunch of refusal
letters, and also the knowledge of Indian companies
will not contract for a non-Indian person, and the
same fact for "Paki and non-Paki".

* A French guy is living with us now. We don't know
too much about him yet because he came to the house
last week and he seems he doesn't like talking.
Anyway, we already know his father should be rich, he
is going to stay in England for two months because he
wants to improve his English, he doesn't has to pay
for the accomodation and he hides a laptop in his

* I met Ini a couple of days before my birthday. She
was going to do a travel to the North of Europe with
her mates from Malaga: Tina and Jose. She said that
she misses my familly and she will visit all of you
again (I mean, she will go to Alcala again). I will
not see her til next year.

* I applied for a Korean minicourse at Brasshouse. The
Japanese and Mandarin courses were full.

* One of the cables from my Dreamcast has broken out.
I bought a brand new NintendoDS instead of trying to
fix the cable (SEE THESAURUS post).

* The gay guy I'm living with (Zack) has become "the
partner" of the gay guy I was living with (Daniel).
That's more stuff for me to ifnore if I don't want to
get completly mad.

* My birthday presents were a "Londonsale" bag (very
fashionable over here) from Ally, a postcard and £10
from Peter Codd and two "I'll buy something for you
one of these days" from Ali and Jose. I had to work
that night.

* One of the girls wanted to eat anywhere except
BigWok. We (the girls, Zack and me) finally went to
"Nando's". I tried the spiciest food I have ever
tried. After four bites I had to stop eating and go to
the toilet to wash my face.

Lost in Translation - Chapter IV

'Bruce, Bruce. What are you doing?'
'Ally? Believe me, I have no idea.'
'Where is Sumi?'
'She is in the bus stop.'
'And where are you?'
'I have just left Sumi in the bus stop and I'm walking
down Broad Street.'
'I'm near the bus stop, still in Broad Street.'
'Ok, ok. But what is Sumi doing?'
'She is waiting for the bus, she is not going to go
out tonight. I think I will go back to my house then
because -'
'Bruce? You are confusing me.'
'I know. I'm very confused.'
'Well... Ok. So, what are you going to do now?'
'I'm going to the train station.'
'You remember where is it, right?'
'Ehmmm...I'm not sure.'
'Ok...What! Don't worry, I'll go with you. Where can
we meet?'
'Where are you Ally? Are you in Broad Street?'
'Yes, yes.'
'Ok. Can we meet us in front of Hyat Hotel?'
'Can we meet us in Hyat Hotel?In front of Hyat Hotel.'
'Yes, yes. Just go there. See you in a bit.'
I had no time to reply her farewell at the phone. I
just pocketed it and I started to sidle looking for
Ally. The collosal Hyat hotel was about two hundred
yards away. She was waving to me when I catched sight
of her. I quickened.
'Bruce, Bruce. Tell me. What have you been doing? You
confused me at the phone.'
'I know, that's coz I'm confused as well.'
'Why did you go with her? I was also confusing when I
saw you walking with Sumi because I didn't know what
did you want to do.'
'Ally, I have just told you. I was, I am, very,
confused. I knew her friends will go out tonight but I
didn't know how to meet them and also Sumi is going to
stay at her house so I decided I will go back to my
'But she said to us she was not going to go out.' Ally
puzzled 'Ok. You have to catch the train so
"dRdapido", "dRdapido"' She had realized that I was
not the only one who had to hurry, she had to take a
'..."so, if you have been in England only for one
month and a half maybe you should need some help. You
can call me or call Bruce whatever you need".' I joked
remembering her what she had been saying to "pick some
information" from Sumie '"Oh! you are studying about
European culture; Bruce can teach you about Spanish
culture".' I beamed at her.
'Yes' She smiled as well 'I was very clever when I
asked her for her telephone number like that.'
By the way I recalled that the gateway to the train
station was into one of the corridors of Bullring
Link. I had passed for that place many times, I could
not believe I had forgotten the location.
Ally didn't let me go until I promised I'd give her a
missed call as soon as I'd put my feet into Lea
Marston's house.

The Bullring Link was another shopping centre wich, a
few years ago, had been connected to the moderner
BullRing Centre by means of a footbridge between the
two edifices.
That one was going to be the third time I was going to
use the train in England. The first time Addy had told
Isaac and me what train to take and what to do
afterwards. In the second one Marian was the one who
planned our comming back to Tamworth by train. And
this third time was going to be up to me.
I went to have a look to the trains time tables.
According to "Marian's train catching procedure" I had
to start like that.
Trains to Tamworth were shown in the last but one
panel. It was not too hard to hit on what I was
looking for. I just had to pary to be right.
According to "Marian's train catching procedure" if
the first part had been successful I had to find out
wich platform was the train arriving to.
A few screens, fastened to the ceiling and walls,
displayed a list of the next incoming trains.

"DESTINATION: Leeds, EXPECTED: 2203, STATUS: on time,
I glanced at the clock in the upper part of the
monitor. "22:01".

I had not hitherto had any kind of troubles to reach
the train and that was quite strange, rather, quite
The only point that got me a bit worried was the fact
that the train was going to Litchfield instead of
Leeds. But it had been at the right place, at the
right time, it ought to be "the train".
I picked my mobile phone from the pocket in the sleeve
of my new coat(*). In the small screen, the minute
hand was pointing at six. I was sited into a wrong
train and, to make matters worse, it was already

I got of the car on arriving the following station. I
needed to find out how to arrive to Tamworth. As a
matter of fact, keaping sitted in that train was on of
the ways to not to achieve it.
Few people was leaving. There were no more than six
persons at the wayside station, and only one of them
was not too far from me.
'Excuse me. Excuse me please. Do you know how can I go
to Tamworth from here, from this place. I took the
wrong train.'
'This train is not going to Tamworth. The train is
going to Lichfield.'
'I know that already.'
'I think you can go to Lichfield and take a train to
Tamworth from Lichfield Train Station.'
'Ok, thank you. Thank you very much.'
'Go into the train!'
I entered a different car this time, there was a
couple chatting at the rear.
I got my bag and I took my notebook out. Ally had
"suggested" that I MUST write an email to Sumie; I
started scrawling what was going to be the email text
the next day.

(*)Isaac had given that garment to me before I left
the house to go to the party. He was packing the stuff
he was going to take to Spain the day after, the white
Nike coat was one of the articles he couldn't include
in his luggage.


miércoles, 8 de junio de 2005

Lost in Translation - Chapter III

Ally Cheng put a narrow piece of paper over the table and began to write.
"Ally Cheng

She wrote her name, her email address and, her telephone number last.
The small paper came to me as soon as she finished hers. I was really worried about my handwriting, she was Japanese and Japanese people pay an especial attention to other people's handwriting.
I rewrote my name over the first I did.

Sumie's took a block of "post-it"s out from her handbag. They were pink. He wrote her email address and her mobile number as well. Ally noted it down in her mobile and passed the post-it to me. I put it in my wallet.

I was starting to feel more confident with the situation but, of course, not confident enought.

We had bought ticket for a raffle a bit after we came there. Sumie had one string as well.
A fat old man in a suit announced that the raffle was about to commence. He bore a bowl containing a lot of squashed tickets. He came near to one of the big tables and a fellow dinner took one of the squeezed papers out.
'Three hundred and fifty six, three hundred and fifty seven'.
All our numbers were higher than four hundred.
In another table someone got up and went to the ping pong table where he had tochoose between the ton of objects.
'Three hundred and fourteen, three hundred and fifteen. Anyone has got three hundred and fourteen, three hundred and fifteen?' another person got up from his seat.
I was starting to think that all the numbers in the basin were under four hundred. I managed to explain that to Ally and Sumie.
Nevertheless, four winner tickets later, one of Sumie's was shouted.
'Here!' yelled Ally. Everybody looked at us.
A bit ashamed, the Japanese girl headed the prizes on the ping-pong table.

When she came back she was holding a "hammer-like toy" [NOTE: I forgot to ask her about its name before. Apologize] in a transparent plastic bag. I remembered I had seen one like that somewhere, many years ago, but I couldn't recall when and where I did.
Sumie took the toy out from its bag and tied the string that was fastened to the red wooden ball to a staple in the main piece. Setting the sphere over the hammer shaped part looked as though it was an easy task, a child's play, when she did it. However it was one of the most labyrinthine things Ally and me had ever tried.
Ally achieved it when the string was almost completly rolled over the handle. I hit one of the glasses with the ball and I dropped it on the floor; but in the end I managed to leave the ball in its place too.
One of mine and Ally's figures was said by the raffle man. Ally shouted another "here!" and, once again, all the heads turned to look at us. She wanted me to go on my own but we finally went together to look for our prize.

There weren't too many items left in the ping pong table. Moreover, some of them were the same stupid things in differet colors.
'I don't know what to choose. We better call Sumie,' I commented. Sumie had stayed near the table.
'Yes, yes.
Sumi! Sumi! Come here! The Japanese one was looking for something into her purse but she left what she was doing when she heard Ally's calls.
'Have you got any idea abaout what should we choose?' I asked to her and, inmediatly, I thought I should have formulated a simpler question when I noticed that Sumie was replying to the same enquire Ally had asked.
She looked as though she reckoned that every stupid prize was as stupid as the one nex to it and she felt embarrased of be the first person who claimed it.
A small bamboo pipe, about thirteen inches long, with blue stripes in both ends was the foolish object I finally picked. I was also into a sealed showy bag.
'PAN-PAN,' I readed aloud while we came back to teh tall table. They were "katakana" characters printed in the plastic bag.
'Oh! he can read Japanese!'
'Yes, he can...' I could heard Ally starting another speech. The two girls were talking behind me.
Fortunately I managed to join the conversation this time.

Ally had fetched a few Japanese biscuits, I was taking notes and Sumie was correcting those notes.
"GOMASARDA" turned into "GOMA" (sesame) "SARADA" (salted) after her adviser.
I had been writing in my logbook the name of one of the biscuits.
The Japanese took my notebook and began to explain to Ally and me what the Japanese words printed in the biscuits bags menat. I was surprised at Sumie's handwriting.
  • EBI ................ shrimp
  • SHIO ............. salt
  • GOMA .......... sesame
  • SARADA ....... salted
  • SENBEI ......... rice biscuit

I could recognize the symbols but they looked so much different and even simpler than the ones I had seen whe n I studied them.

Someone had to go home. I wasn't sure about who was the one who needed to leave because I have felt lost in the conversations a few times, all along.

In that very moment I was really confused. I just grabbed my coat, the bag and I strolled away after Sumie and Ally.

[NOTE: I have a problem with the paragraphs control O_o]

The only thought in my mind was "what are they going to do?" and I felt too sheepish to make the query.

'Well, I have to go. I need to take the bus.

Sumie, see you on Monday at Brass House.

Bruce, see you... See you soon'

'I'm off on Tuesday, I think I will go to Brass housse on Tuesday'.

'Ok. Ok. See you on Tuesday then. Take care'.

Sumie and me said good bye to Ally who had gone showing herself a little halting.

The only hint I had about my supposed destiny was that I said to Sumie's Japanese companion that I was going to met her that night in some club in Broad Street.

We had walked a few steps together when she finally asked me.

'What are you going to do now?'

I hadn't got any clue about what time was it, I finally realized that Sumie was going to stay at home and I didn't feel like going out with her friends.

When we arrived to the bus stop I decided what to do.

'Ill take a train to go back to my home'

I said good bye to her, feeling deeply uneasy. Seconds later, my mobile started to ring.

(TO BE CONTINUED) (don't panic, only one more chapter left)

viernes, 3 de junio de 2005

Lost in Translation - Chapter II

NOTE: I have fixed the first chapter, it was an accident. I'm so sorry :(

I rose my head and I looked at Ally who showed a really happy and excited face this time.
Inmediatly I turned my head to look at the place she was pointing using her index finger.

'Bruce. Yes. That's yours.'

The Japanese girl was taking some food from the closest table.
She was tall to be Japanese, she was wearrg fashionable clothes and she was a very pretty girl.

'Excuseme, are you Japanese?' enquired Ally after having tapped the back of the cute Japanese girl. Another girl turned herself back to look at Ally.

'Yes, we are Japanese.' Said the first one.
'Oh. I've asked because both of us have been studying Japanese and maybe we can practice if you don'mind to have a sit with us. Do you mind?' I blushed.
'No, of course not,' answered meanwhileshe left her dish on our table.

The name of the girl Ally Cheng "had found for me" was SUMIE but people used to call her "Sumi" because the pronunciat of her name was too complicated for British people.
I couldn't remember the name of the second Japanese girl because I couldn't foundout how to spell it. A third girl, from Corea, was companying them. I rememered Ini when I saw her; for me, Ini and that gir llooked very similar.

Ally started to get all the inforation she could about Sumie.
We knew both Japanese girl had come to England together. Their universty had payed the trips and it was paying their stayin Like Ini, they hadn't finished their career in the university yet.
They lived together in a house about twenty minutes from the City Centre.
Except Sumie the others girls were going out in Broad Street that night.

My mind was starting to smoke. Ally's questions didn't stop. She was trying to know everything.

The Japanese girl who wasn't Sumie asked e if I wanted to join them that night. I said I could try.

Ally availed herself of everrytime the girls left the table to point that Sumie was "the ideal".
She was firmly convinced. [NOTE: And I know I can trust her ^_^]
'We have to ask her about her elehone number later. But we should wait for her friend to go.' Ally meant Sumie's Japanese friend, the Corean one ha left the table long time ago.

The verbal flood coming out from the mouth of my helpful friend seemed unstopable.
I didn't know how to join into the conversation, Ally was examining her like a police sergean could examine a suspicious of serial killing.
Anyway, Sumi always replied kindly and cerfully. ner the tble, Ally pinched me everytime he hought she got some good new information.

The Corean girl and the Japanese one whose name I couldn't remember had gone to chat with two Englis looking guys in the center of the room.

When they came back to our table Suie's partner was grasping a small glass.
I was sake in it.
She invited me to try.

I said to them that the drink I had just tried tasted like tequila but the Japanese liquor wasn't too strong.
She agreed and finished the drink.

After that I showed I can eat a typical Japanese sweet that most of European people use to hate. I couldn' understand why.
And finally they came out.
'JA MATA,' I said to them.


Ally kept asking. It was amazint t way she interrogated Sumie. It seemed Sumie didn't realized what "my mother in England" was doing.
Ally looked extremely friendly everytime. Indeed, she is extremely friendly everytime. But this time she was being friendly and she had a plan also.

Sometimes I participated in te show on my own, sometimes I had to cause Ally "invited" me to do it.

Another the things she lookedd up was that Sumie nd her friend has been lving in Englad for just one month and a half at the moment.
My pleased very best friend in England [NOTE: one off them]hd a brilliabt idea by herself.

'So, if you have been in England only for one month, I think, maybe, you should need some help. Don't worry because Bruce and me can help you whatever you need. Yes.
Don't worry.
Do you have an email address?'
'Ok. ok.'


Lost in Translation - Chapter I

And Friday arrived.
I didn't sleep too much, as usual in this kind of situations. The last night all of us had gone out in the City Centre.
It had been the night we "said see you later" to Michael and Billy because they went back to Indonsia on Friday morning departing from London.

My shift was eight to four in the morning, it was perfect for me to be on time at the "Ohanami Party".

At three o'clock Jose came to Lea Marston's kitchen. He had been at Brass House and had to work until eleven.
He asked me how excited I was because of the "Japanese meeting". He was a bit surprissed when, last night, he saw me entering the bar reading a sheet filled with Japanese grammar notes.
I explained to him that I was a bit nervous but I felt like going there soon cause I wanted to know what I was going to meet.
Jose also told me that he had been with Ally in the college and she said to him that she hadn't any appointment with me yet.
That was true. I had to phone her.


At four o'clock, after clocking out, I rushed to reception to have my wages I tried to call ally twice but she didn't pick up the phone.

Then I started to run to the house. I pretend to take the bus at quarter to five, the next to last.
Hurriedly, I took the garments I was going to put me on and I went upstairs to the bathroom to have a shave and a shower.

I was nearly finishing, I was dressing up when Isaac, carrying my mobile wich was ringing, knocked at the door.
'Cogelo tu! Es Ally.'
'Hello... Ally?' I heard Isaac talking behind the door. 'He is in the toilet...'

With no few dificulties we decided to see us at Brass House at seven o'clock and I should take the last bus then. I stopped rushing.


Reading some Japanese notes I had taken before leaving the house I strode to the the bus stop.


I had been reading over my notes until the bus dropped me in Upper Bull Street.


At quarter to seven I arrived to Brass House, almost in the end of Broad Street.

In the corner of Broad Street with the street where the college was I had seen a guy who was hitting a cab using his fists. People were stopped looking at the scene. I hadn't paid any attention when I passed in front of him.

I would have to wait for Ally a few minutes so I sat in one of the sofas.

Ally showed her up on time. She looked breathless.
'Hello Ally;' I said a bit perturbed, 'Have you been running?.'
'Hello Bruce. What?' She gasped.
'I said "have you been running to come to Brass House?"'
'Yes, a little bit.' She explained to me that when the bus she took left her in the bus stop it was nearly seven o'clock and she didn't want to be late.

She gave my bag back to me. I had left it in her house two days ago (SEE "Thesaurus, Chapters I & II).

'Go, go, go. "dRd"apido, "drd"apido,' said Ally to me. We had to go to another room out of the amin building.


The meeting room wwas behind the main edifice. The gate was quite big and under it there was a man sitted in front of a table, he was checking who was entering the place.

It was going to be £5 each.
After three tries Ally "let me" pay her ticket [NOTE: well... indeed she didn't allow me to pay but I did]

She gave the ten pounds note to the man and he asked her about her name.

Ally's name didn't appeared in the sheet. She told him she tried to book the tickets a few days ago but she couldn't do it and also somebody said to her she could buy them in there.
The checker man said that there was no problem, even there was no problem for me to go in cause "I went with her".

There were five big tables placed close to the walls. There was also a ping pong table in the end of the dinning room.
Around each big table there were a lot of small chairs, that kind of chairs wich was normally used in classrooms. And on the tables there were a lot of dishes, each one contained a different traditional Japanese meal. And in the center of each table there was a vase sith "SAKURA" (cherry flowers). The surface of the ping pong table was full of silly tiny objects.

But there were also a couple of empty small tall tables. Ally said to me we should use one of them.
We did that way.


We took a couple of plates, a couple of chopsticks and a fork from the nearest table. Then we loaded the plates with diferent food taken from the two tables wich rounded ours.

I started to eat realizing that Ally loved food almost as much as I do.

I realized also that I was the only person, among up to thirty people, who was using a fork instead of chopsticks.
I told it to Ally.

Ally headed the table where we got the plates and some food and she went back gripping a spound.

'I have brought a spound because I don't want you to have to feel stupid.'

Seconds later I was the only person at the "Ohanami party" using a spound and a fork instead of chopsticks.


'I feel a bit disappointed. I though there were going to be more Japanese girls.' Ally said showing a sincere sorrowfull expression.
I had a look across the room. Certainly, there were just few. I saw a copule of old women in kimonos, they looked very funny.

We kept eating and chatting.

'Bruce, Bruce. This one, this one!' I was concentrated rolling some noodles on my plastic fork. I wasn't sure about what she was talking.


domingo, 29 de mayo de 2005

Thesaurus - Part II


'Wait, wait, wait. This Friday there is a Japanese party in Brass House. Lot of food and also lot of Japanese girls. I will find a girl for you there. I tried to book the tickets, they are £5 each but I couldn't book them because when I went they said to me that I had to...'

Bruce could hardly follow what Ally Cheng was saying.

'I tried to book the tickets but...' she went on.
'Ally, Ally. Wait a second. Where did you say it's going to be?' he interrupted as kindly as he could.
'Here, in Brass House'.
'But I think I can not go. I mean, I'm not allowed to go'.
'Don't worry, don't worry. I'll say you're my friend and you come with me'.
'Are you sure?'.
'Yes, yes. Don't worry'.
'... hang on. I'm not sure about what time do I have to work on Friday. Anyway... I think I have to work in the morning. Anyway... if I have to work in the evening I think I can swap my rota or maybe call for sick'.
'Naughty...' she call him pointing a finger on him.
'I think I can ring Jose. He can have a look to the rota later'.

Ally didn't let Bruce use his mobile. She call Jose and after greeting Jose she passed her phone to him.


Their new house was a couple of minutes walked from the nearest bus stop. There wasn't anything wich looked uncommon in the exterior of that house, in fact, it was the typical exterior of a British house.
When they came in, Bruce realized there was a little thing different to the common intems he had been seeing. There was a shoes rack.

Sitted in one of the sofas in the lounge, a guy in shorts was watching TV.
Bruce, who was trying to hide the hole in one of his socks, said hello to him. Inmediatly Addy introduced that guy to Bruce.
The owner of the house and the friend of the couple shook their handas.

Ally went to the kitchen and Charming Bruce and Adnan Ginwala took a sit. They watched how a subtitled movie ended.

'Is it recorded from TV?' Enquired the Spanish one to Addy when the TV adverts started to apperar. He remembered the time when he went to the old house of his friends, he had been watching a couple of indian movie for more than four hours.
'No it's the satelite,' answered the Iranian one feeling very proud of it. 'You can watch some Italian channels as well'.
'I'm Spanis,' and he smilled.
'No. Don't worry. It's all right.' Charming Bruce had smiled again.

'This is Italian... Italian... Italian... as well...'.
Ally and Addy were in the kitchen while the one whose name sounded similar to "Momo" (certainly, that was how Ally call him) aimed to find a Spanish channel.
'This one! That is a Spanish channel.'

In a couple of seconds both of us resolved to change the Sapnish debate for the PSC: "Persian Music Channel".
Then the "supposed Momo" left the living room and went to the yard.


Ally had troubled herself putting not to much spicy stuff in the food.
The omelette with dried beef and fried rice was really tasty; and also not too spicy, pointed out Bruce.
That assertion made Ally Cheng feel a bit dissapointed.
He quickly added he was joking.

After their lunch the couple recalled they needed to buy some food so they let their friend know and three of them went away with their shoes put on again.


The perpendicular street, where the bus stop was, was beisdes full of any kind of shops. You could find any kind of food in there, and you could find cheap food everywhere in that street.

They entered into a small store. There were a few reacks with fruit around the entrance; and that wasn't strange at all but there was a detail which claimed Bruce's attention.
Some of the scrawls he could see were Urdu writing, Addy told him.

The shop was quite big. It wasn't as big as an Asda supermarket used to be but it definitely was big enough.
The Urdu scrawls were everywhere.

Walking around among the maze of shelves, waiting for his friends to finish shopping, he found a row of tins oin a shelf. And the tins looked very similar to those ones he was packing about one year ago when he was working in a bottle factory.
Bruce could read "Dos Hermanas, Carretera la Isla, Km. 2" printed in it.
"Indeed, this world is very small," he thought.


Back to Addy, Ally and the supposed Momo's hosue, Ally scurried to the kitchen once again, Addy went upstairs to his room to bring some typical Indian food his mum had sent to him and Bruce tried to found out what time the meeting that night was going to be.

The charming guy dialed Billy's phone number.
He got no response.
Seconds later his mobile started to ring. It was Michael.


The trio had chicken and rice for their dinner, that meal was a very common one at Bruce's Spanish house.
Bruce's mum used to cook rice with pieces of chicken very often.
And he told that to Ally.
And then, when he did it, Ally proclaimed he could think about her like his new mum. She was taking care of him everytime and they realized she also cooked the same meals sometimes. Although Ally's were a bit spicier.


Michael had said to Bruce that the meeting point was going to be somewhere in Broad Street. Around nine o'clock everyone had to stay out there to start Billy and Michael's leaving party.

It was twenty past seven so Ally went back to the kitchen as usual and prepared three delicious lemon teas.
Then the Iranian joined to us and he started to talk about his holidays in Spain.


It was five to nine when Billy gave Charming Bruce a call..

The trinity were falling slept couse the owner kept talking about how wonderful his life was and how clever he was. Everything was "proved" with plenty of photos of him, his familly and his girlfriends.

The Spaniard announced that the group was going to arrive to Birmingham in the next minutes, and as soon as they could, the couple dissapeared leaving him on his own with the untiring Iranian mouth.

Fortunetly the owner abandoned the room almost at the same time.





  • When I left the house in the morning, my only target was picking up my coat so I went out wearing just a shirt. It was a very windy day and I was despertaed for taking my coat back.
  • Ally Cheng gave me half banana when I met her in the hall of Brass House. She always share the food she brings to the college with me.
  • I went to the library with Ally before we met Addy. She was helping me with my C.V. but I didn't finished that day.
  • In the library, Ally gave me a Taiwanese note. She said to me its worth is about two pounds. The note is now in my wallet.
  • At night, when we left Addy, Ally and the supposed Momo's house, we thought Isaac and Jose weren't going to come. Isaac had to work and call for sick. Jose finished to work at eleven and took a taxi to go come (£20).

miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2005

Thesaurus - Part I

Once upon a time a charming guy called Bruce who lived in a big cottage, far far away, woke up in his stony bed.

He turned off the alarm of his "Sagem" mobile. He had let it ring for no more than one second. He really hated the sound of that alarm. It made him fell very annoying.

After a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits, the youth took his bag, his key and came along to the bus stop close to the house.
He was going to Birmingham to get his missing coat back, Ally Cheng was going to gave it back to him. And the meting point was going to be the famous college where she was studying; it was known as "The BrassHouse".

When Bruce had just left the abode, a gray blur passed as fast as an "Arriva bus" use to go in front of the bus stop. Then the boy realized that the bus he wanted to take was going to arrive ten minutes after the time he had in his mind.

Anyway, he stood in the bus stop for ten minutes until he decided he better went back home and waited for thenext one.


The cottage was empty, there was nobody there except the charming guy called Bruce who had gone upstairs,to the girls room, to that place where the console was.

Last night, Isaac had said to him how to recover the image on the screen. Sometimes it was gone and they had to tune the TV channel.
When the two fighters became a bunch of pale flashing dots Bruce tried to do what Isaac had taught.
It worked the first time. It was fruitless on the following one.

Billy Came into the room.
'Billiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!,' shouted Charming Bruce happilly.
'Hello Bruce, are you going somewhere?' asked Billy who seemed to be very sad. He really was very sad, and that was because the people from his job agency had come to the house the last night to inform Billy and Michael they had to go back to Indonesia on Friday. It was on Wednesday.

'The console is dying. There is not justice in the world,' claimed the Spaniard staring at his sorrowful friend.
'Yes, there is not justice in the world. This is shit,' asserted Bily.
'Life sucks and after that you die'
The last saying made Billy smile for half second.

The only person in the girls room was the charming Spanish guy again. His sad Indonesian housemate had just stepped out the bedroom and Bruce went back to try fixing the console.

Songs from mana came to the room while he kept doingthe useless fixing.
Songs from Mana were maybe the saddest songs in the world.
He peered at the clock on the floor. If he didn't wantto lose the next bus to Birmingham Charming Bruce needed to hurry a bit.

Anyway the melancholy songs coming from Billy's CDplayer attracted him to the asian bedroom.

'Como quisiera...,' singed Billy trying not to cry.
'Do you know you shouldn't listen to Mana's songs if you could understand Spanish?'
'They are very sad songs. Maybe the saddest songs inthe world'
'But it's very common to do this when people fell like you... now'
'Can you translate?'


About fourty minutes later, the bus left Bruce inUpper Bull Street. He had been reading a few pages of' The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents' during the journey.
Bruce didn't like to feel he wasted his time when he was on the bus. When he travelled by bus on his own he always needed to read any book. His favourites were the fantasy ones.

The starvation steered his steps to "Gregs", it was asmall shop in "Union Street" where people could buy cheap hot meals and pasties.
Two french bread pizzas, one chicken baguette and a coke were what he bouhgt in that ocassion.

Seated in a bench in front of Pavilion Centre he finished all his foodstuffs but he saved some coke andhe put the bottle into his bag.


He had used one of the computers in the second floor of the shopping centre to write one of his awesome adventures. Charming Bruce's family used to know about him reading the website he had. Charming Bruce rarely used the phone since the day he had come from his Hollidays in Spain.

Afterwards he was in the hall of Brass House.


Alejandra showed up walking downstairs going to the hall. Nobody had left the classrooms before her.
'Hola! Como estas?' said the girl from Venezuela.
'Creo que bien'
'Por que? Que pasa?'
'No, nada. No pasa nada,' assured him.
'Bueno, y como es que te has venido hoy por aqui?'
'Estoy esperando a Ally Cheng, la chavala taiwanesa,' told her at the time they had a sit in the sofa placed in one of the corners of the room, beside the stairs she had just walked down.

The hall of the college got very crowded with students who were leaving their classroms. Some of them went out straight off to the street, some others stopped in that room for having a last chat with their classmates before going home.
And among the horde appeared a person wearing a gaudy orange coat.

'Ally!' shouted Alejandra. Then the girl in the orange coat turn herself back.

Alejandra withdrew the sofa after a few minutes more.
Ally was explaining to him something she knew it would be very interesting for him. The taiwanese girl was excited and her friend looked astonished while he listened to her.


miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2005

16 Mayo - Oli

Oli, tomorrow I'm going to send another box to the house (I mean, yours) I have writen your name in the address.
I hope you haven't bought your "Eye Toy Play 2" yet, cause "Sega All Stars" (the game Sega did) goes inside the box. The pack includes the game and the camera, so if you still want "Eye Toy Play 2" you only have to buy the game.

Last days I've benn playing "Soul Calibur" for Dreamcast, it has got a mission mode that you ought to try. Wait for the memory cards to arrive (they are in the box as well).
Note: I think the mission-mode is called "Weapon Master" (or something like that) in the game for PS2 I sent to you last Christmas.

I haven't got any clue about how much the postage will be.

And talking about what is going on in England... I can tell you (and everybody) that Ally rang me about one hour ago, she said to me that I better meet her on Wednesday, she will be too busy tomorrow because she and Addy are moving to a new house. She has to give me back my coat I left in their old house (when I went last Sunday). I sent a text to Addy to let them know I wanted to see her tomorrow a couple of minutes before she call me.

Now I'm in the living room, wrioting in my notebook and watching TV. Same came to the house a while ago.
Two of us, Billy, Alicia and Zack are still awake (it's twenty past twelve according to the clock in the living rrom).
NOTE: well... Isaac is awake as well, but he is working in the hotel right now.
POSTNOTE: I have just realized that Michael is not sleeping yet (he is ironing again... amazing).

I'm thinking about going to Birmingham tomorrow after sending the box (I'll do it in Tamworth).
I could write this in the blogger (I'm going to Birmingham on Wednesday anyway) and I also can keep collecting aplicaion forms everywhere.

I wish I could be working (and living) in the City centre before the night shifts I have to do on 27th and 28th ;)

18 de Mayo LAST NEWS

  • Billy and Michael are going back to Indonesia on Friday (the day after tomorrow).
  • Isaac is going to leave the hotel next week (he is really fed up of Lea Marston's people).


what is going next? O_o


viernes, 13 de mayo de 2005

Ingles el Martes

De nuevo con ustedes, desde el Pavillion Centre - £1 per 40 minutes -. (Dado que desde la biblioteca - gratis - no funciona la pagina de correctamente).


Mama, Ally Cheng quer'ia que supieses que cuando estou con ella, Ally siempre intenta que yo coma tanto como sea posible (Es cierto).

El pasado domingo tuvo lugar mi visita a casa de Ally y Addy, tal como estaba previsto.

Nos encontramos en la parada de Autobuses de Upper Bull Street (la de siempre). Apareci una hora mas tarde de lo previsto porque quien me iba a hacer de taxista (Sam) hasta Tamworth con objeto de cuadrar los tiempos, como de costumbre, se olvido de ello.
Tome el primer bus desde Kingsbury a Tamworth (11:03) y otro de Tamworth a Birmingham.
Pensaba llegar utilizando el coche de Sam algo mas de una hora antes pero no pudo ser.
Ademas el mensaje que mande a Addy avisando de mi retraso se perdio a saber donde.

Tras el encuentro en frente de la tienda de los Pakistanies donde compramos las tarjetas esas con las que nos salen mas baratas las llamadas internacionales (en frente de la parada de los autobuses), deje de leer (ahora estoy con "Feet of Clay", muy interesante de momento) y salimos al BullRing link a comprar carbon para la barbacoa.
Nos ibamos de Barbacoa.

Por el camino, la pareja me descubrio que en Gregs podia encontrar bocadillos, reposteria y demas consumibles para la gente ocupada de por aqui a precios muy asequibles.
No me dejaron pagar el "sausage roll" que me recomendo Ally que pidiese.

Encontramos el carbon (caro para su criterio y "muy caro" para el mio) en el BullRing Link, y tomamos el autobus que nos llevaria a su casa.


Fue el primer autobus de dos plantas en el que me he montado; nos pusimos arriba en la primera fila.


Llegando a la parada cercana a su casa tocaron el boton que avisa al chofer de que un pasajero desea bajar. Pero cuando llegamos a la parada en cuestion, uno de los dos - no recuerdo quien - recordo que debian de comprar no-se-que. (El "no-se-que" se acabo conviertiendo en 20 latas de cervezas Carlsberg).

Prestos y dispuestos, y tras avisar al chofer de que habia sido un error de calculo el toque precipitado del boton de parada, acabamos llegando a un centro comercial (con Asada incluido) que solo distaba cinco minutos en autobus de la parada de su casa.

Se compro las cervezas, Ally compro tres botellas de refresco por 90p, yo le di 10 libras de parte de Michel a Addy, Ally vio a una ninia asiatica cuyo pelado le recordaba al de ella cuando tenia su edad aproximadamente, vi una extrania maquina que te contaba las monedas que ponias en ella, me dieron un Application From que habian pedido en el hotel Hyatt, dejamos el carrito de la compra abandonado en medio del pasillo, abandonamos el "supermercado-centro comercial" y fuera, a los pocos minutos de salir, nos recogian dos amigos de Addy en el coche de uno de ellos (ambos eran companieros de casa: housemates).


Hubo problemas al aparcar el coche en frente de la casa. El coche da poco de si, la verdad.

Nada mas entrar, fuimos directamente a la cocina y me vi un cartelito colgado en el frigorifico en donde se leia como titulo "BBQ Time" ("Momento para la Barbacoa") "Chicken Tikka", no-recuerdo, "Chinese Pasta" y no-recuerdo2.

Ally habia estado planeando la barbacoa con quince dias de antelacion; dede el dia en que compro su barbacoa por £2.5 en el Asda. (Ella estaba muy orgullosa del precio).

Los dos companieros que nos recogieron en el coche (Abdula y olvide-el-nombre-del-otro-chaval) se mostraron muy sociables y en todo momento estaban "mofandose" de lo poco que le gusta a Ally que la llamen "chinese" (china). Una de las frases mas comunes de Ally es "I'm taiwanese, no chinese".

Preparamos la barbacoa en el destartalado patio llaeno de trastos que queda justop detras de la cocina, evitamos algunas gotas de agua que calleron nada mas llegar nosotros a la casa, y en poco mas de media hora ya degustabamos el Chicken Tikka sin demasiado picante (pensado para mi) que habia preparado Ally. (Receta india elaborada por una taiwanesa).


Tras un buen atracon de carne y alguna cerveza nos mudamos todos al salon para ver una pelicula india: muchos gags, mas de tres horas de metraje y un numero musical cada cuarenta minutos aproximadamente (Ese es el esquema base de cuaquier produccion de Bollywood, cine indio). Se llama "Masti", iba de tres amigos treintanieros que veian sus vidas convertidas en infiernos tras sus respectivos matrimonios ybueno... me diverti viendola (vi una sesion de dos horas y la restante mas tarde).


Al cabo del dia se nos unieron cinco indios mas. Entendi por fin lo que puede sentir Sam algua de las veces que se llega a la casa de Lea Marston (donde vivimos nosotros).

Habia escuchado con anterioridad a Ally decirme que se esta volviendo loca en el sentido de que solo escucha hablar indio en la casa. Es cierto nuevamente. Doy fe.

Hubo una segunda sesion de barbacoa y otra de video. A las tantas seguia toda la penia india viendo una pelicula de accion (esta vez sin subtitulos). Ally fue la primera en abandonar,despues simultaneamente Addy y yo.

Pase la noche alli y hoy quiza me encuentre con Ally para recoperar mi chaqueton negro.


Otras cosas que destacar esta semana pueden ser...

la entrega de los primeros "aplication forms" (aqui en lugar de curriculos, suelen guiarse por unos formularios en los que te preguntan las propias empresas por la informacion que realmente requieren) hace un par de dias.
Seguimos a la caza de mas application forms.

Tambien di por perdido mi movil durante un par de dias. Volvi loca a mas de una decena de persona tratando de encontrarlo por todos sitios. Finalmente, ayer me lo dio Steve (el cocinero) mietras aun estabamos los dos trabajando.
Lo habia encontrado Simon (el jefe) encima de una de las mesas del Staff Room el mismo dia que lo di por perdido, y lo habia tenido guardado en el cajon de la oficina. (El libro al dia siguiente de haberlo encontrado por lo que paso un dia y medio guardado en el susodicho cajon).


Y nada, que se aceptan preguntas, si alguien se anima a escribir mi direccion de correo sigue siedo la misma :P

See you soon!

sábado, 7 de mayo de 2005


Lo mas reseniable durante esta semana fue la salida nocturna por Birmingham el lunes 2 de Mayo. Celebrabamos el cumpleanios de Billy (23).

The main event throughout this week was the hanging out in Birmingham last Monday night. Wew celebrated Billy's Birthday (23).

El grupo lo conformabamos Billy, Michael, Alicia, Marian, Jose, Addy, Ally y el que suscribe.
Addy y Ally se nos unieron en el Big Wok. Addy, que acababa de trabajar, fue el ultimo en unirse.
El resto habiamos llegado a China Town en dos taxis.
A las nueve de la noche estabamos dentro del buffet chino.

The group wascomposed by Billy, Michael, Alicia, Marian, Jose, Addy, Ally and the one who is writing this.
Ally and Addy joined to us in Big Wok. Addy had just finished working.



[Billy has taken my notebook (while I was having my second dinner) and he has wanted to show everyone how his Spanish is improving]

[Billy ha cogido mi libreta (mientras yo cenaba por segunda vez) y ha querido demostrar como mejora su espaniol]


He was the last one who came.
The rest of us had arrived to ChinaTown in two taxis.
We were inside the big chinese buffet at nine o'clock.

Mas tarde estuvimos en una discoteca de Broad Street donde sacamos un incontable (a causa de las cervezas) numero de fotos y nos entretuvimos hasta que a las dos nos echaron.
Alli acabamos la jornada.

Later, we were in a Club in Broad Street where we took an uncountable (cause of the beers) amount of pictures and we had fun til we were "banned" at two o'clock.
The day's journey finished over there.

Los sucesivos dias han sido tranquilos. Yo me he dedicado a planificar mi visita a la casa de Addy y Ally de este Domingo. Isaac parece mas sociable en casa tras haber conocido a su nueva amiga polaca. Y he descubierto que llamar a casa es ahora mas caro.

The following days has been quiet. I've have been planning the visit to Addy and Ally's house I'm going to make this Sunday. Isaac looks more friendly at home after he has known his new Polish friend (she).
And I've realized it's more expensive to call home now.

Tambien he podido comprobar que en Espania no acaban de tener claro cual es mi actual situacion.

I have also realizedthat "my" people in Spain are not properly aware of my current situation yet.

Ahora vivo en una casa mucho mas grande que la anterior.
Tardo diez minutos andando desde esta hasta el hotel.
El problema es que aqui paso gran parte del dia hablando espaniol.
Leo los libros de Pratchett (en ingles) siempre que puedo.
Intento compensar.

I live in a much bigger house than the last one now.
It takes about ten minutes walking from the house to the hotel.
The problem is I'm speaking Spanish most of the time.
I read the books by Terry Pratchett (in English) everytime I can.
I try to compensate.

Respecto al trabajo, ya tengo un nuevo contrato.
El antiguo termino el 26 de Abril. El nuevo se supone que concluye el 26 de Enero.
Yo quiero encontrar un nuevo trabajo en el City Centre que me permita ir a la academia.

About the job, I have a new contract already.
The old one expired on 26th of April. The new one is supposed to be finished on 26th of January.
I want to get a new job, in the City Centre, that allow me to go to the college (Brass House).

Isaac y yoya estamos buscando el trabajo. Addy yAlly van a conseguirnos alojamiento en el City Centre tan pronto comolo encontremos.

Isaac and me are already looking forthe job. Ally and Addy are going to find an accomodation for us in the City Centre as soon as we get the job.

Ala, a cuidaros to'l mundo.

Take care everyone.

lunes, 2 de mayo de 2005

SUNDAY OFF - Domingo libre (1st of May)

En estos momentos estamos en la casa Michael (planchando), Billy (durmiendo) y yo (escribiendo).
Jose ha pasado la noche aqui como es costumbre en las noches de los sabados. Durmio en la cama de Isaac ya que este se encuentra de minivacaciones en Londres. Jose trabaja hoy de nueve a cinco.

At the moment, we are three people in the house: Michael (ironing), Billy (sleeping) and me (writing).
Jose has stayed over here, as usual on Saturday nights. He slept in Isaac's bed cause Isaac is still having a "miniholiday" in London. Jose is working nine to five today.

Al igual que el resto de la gente, me siento expectante ante la llegada de Addy y Ally. No sabemos a que hora vendran. Espero que vengan.

I feel excited about Addy and Ally's coming... same like the rest of the people in the house. We don't know what time they are coming. I hope them to come.

Me he despertado tarde, sobre las once. He dormido unas diez horas.
Nada mas despertar me he duchado, afeitado y he desayunado te de fresa con algunas galletas.

I got up late, it was about eleven o'clock. I have slept about ten hours.
A few minutes after I had just got up I had a shower, a shave and my breakfast: strawberry flavoured tea and a few biscuits.

He estado ordenando las ultimas cosas que traje de mi antigua casa. Estoy pensando en enviar un paquete con algunas cosas a Espania. "Creo" que mis dos maletas no son suficientes para guardar todo.

I have been tidying up the last things I brought from my old house. I'm thinking about sending a box with some "useless" stuff to Spain. "I think" my two bags are not enough to put everything into them.

Cuando termino, o por lo menos, cuando acabo satisfecho con como ha quedado todo, una vez mas, pongo el CD de Mojinos Escozios en el DVD de Isaac.

And when I finish tidying up, or at least, when I'm finally agree with how everything looks like, I put "Mojinos Escozios" CD into Isaac's DVD player.

Comienza a sonar la cancion "la Pastilla de Jabon" que trata sobre futbol.
Tomo el balon que compre hace un par de dias en el Asda y salgo al cesped a dar algunas patadas.

The song "la Pastilla de Jabon" ("the Soap Tablet") starts palying. The lyrics is about football.
I take the football ball I bought two days ago in Asda and I go to the grass to give it some kick.

En unos minutios consigo cansarme yo solo. Vuelvo a la casa.
En el salon hace un calor horrible.
Abro las ventanas y cojo la libreta.

Playing fooball on my own I start to feel tired in a few minutes. I come back to the house.
It's horribly hot in the living room.
I open every little window and I take my notebook.

Pretendo escribir mi siguiente post en los dos idiomas.

I'll try to write my next post in both languages.

Tras una sesion de escritura me entretengo viendo los videclips que traje de Espania con Michael: Aha - Take on Me, Blink 182 - All the Small Things - Adam's Song, Bloodhound Gang - Along comes Mary, Micheal Jackson - Beat it - Smooth Criminal - Thriller.

After a "writing session" I spend the time watching the videoclips I brought from Spain with Michael (who had just finished ironing): Aha - Take on Me, Blink 182 - All the Small Things - Adam's Song, Bloodhound Gang - Along comes Mary, Micheal Jackson - Beat it - Smooth Criminal - Thriller.

Llega Andy (el nightporter) a la casa. Se ve que esta aburrido y quiere echar el rato.

Andy (the nightporter) comes to the house. He looks bored and he looks like someone looking for some fun.

Alicia llega a continuacion.
Hablando ingles me cuenta que esta preocupada porque hoy es el cumpleanios de Isaac y cuando ayer fue a Birmingham no le dio tiempo a comprar nada.
Ignoro el asunto.

Alicia is the next one who comes to the house.
Speaking English with her (she is one of the Spanish girls I'm living with) she tell me she is worried because today si Isaac Birthday and she couldn't buy anything when she went to Birmingham yesterday.
I ignore that matter.

Como cerdo en salsa de queso. Una de las pocoas cosas que se cocinar.

I eat port with cheese gravy. It's one of the fez things I can cook.

Luego, un poco mas de futbol, llega Marian, vuelvo a coger mi libreta, y me tumbo en el cesped a seguir escribiendo.

Afterwards, I play a bit more of football, Marian comes, I take my notebook again and I keep writing lying on the grass.

Una ligera (y fria) brisa me despierta. Entro en la casa.
Nana mas tomar asiento en el sofa llega Jose y me hace levantarme para abrir la puerta que ya estaba abierta.
Segundos mas tarde vuelve Andy. Viene a recoger a Michael. Se van a la fiesta de despedida de uno de los "duty managers" del hotel.

A light (and cold) breeze wakes me up. I enter into the house.
I have jsust had a sit in the sofa when Jose comes and I have to get up to open the door wich was already opened.
A couple of seconds later andy comes back. He has come to pick Michael up. They are going to the leaving party of one of the duty managers from the hotel.

Jose se ha duchado y las ninias han preparado unos capuccinos para ellas y para mi. No estaba demasiado malo.

Jose has had a shower and the girls have maded capuccinos for theirselves and me. It wasn't too bad.

Jose llamo a Addy puesto que debian de estar ya en la casa. Habian perdido el bus que pretendian coger. Han tenido que esperar dos horas para coger el siguiente, pero ya estan de camino.

Jose rang Addy because they are suposed to be already in the house. They had lost the bus they wanted to take. They had to wait two hours to take the next one, but they are on the road.

Llegaron sobre als 19:30 y acabamos cenando a las 02:30. Omito lo acontecido entre esos dos momentos porque no deseo perder el calificativo de "Apto para todos los publicos" del blog.

They came about 19:30 and we had dinner at 02:30. I'm not going to tell the things that happened between those teo moments cause I don't want to lose the "Approval for all Audiences" label of this blog.

See you later mates!

sábado, 30 de abril de 2005

Moving Around

I have already moved to Lea Marston's house but I have to keep paying the rent to Daniel (my "last" owner) because long time ago Diane (the manager of the hotel) "promised" (!!??) him that at least two people would be living in his house.
I have no idea about why she did it.
Anyway, life goes on. I can not talk with Jose as often as I used to do it but I think I feel better in my new house.

My new "targets" are moving to the City Centre, to get a new job and starting study at Brass House.
I was in there last Monday and I really liked seeing so many people from all around the world, talking, all together, when the classes were over.
Isaac (another Spanish housemate) was with me, and after met a girl I had an appoinment with (Alejandra, Jose's friend and Ini's friend as well), we met Addy and Ally Cheng.
They were helping us, telling us what should we do to find a job and acomodation in the City Centre.

NOTE FOR EVERYBODY EXCEPT DIDIK: Addy (Indian) and Ally (Taiwanese) are a couple who was working in the hotel with us. They left the hotel and moved to Birmingham.

After Addy and Ally were gone, Isaac and me went to Job Centre but we couldn't find anything interesting.

I fancy to go to Brass House; I think I could start to improve my poor English, I could get a Brand new certificate and... Brass House is also plenty of Asian girls :P

I'll be right back :D

lunes, 25 de abril de 2005

En el Pavillion Center

Buenas, perdonad el post anterior en ingles, pero le debo "alguna explicacion" de cuando en cuando a los amigos en el extranjero.

Ahora me encuentro frente a un ordenador en la segunda planta del Pavillion Center (otro de los edificios que alberga un monton de tiendecilas; ya sabeis, Birmingham City Centre = consumismo). Isaac ha pagado un par de tickets para cuarenta minutos, y mientras el se entretiene ultimando los detalles de sus minivacaciones en Londres el proximo fin de semana, yo os pongo un poco al corriente de lo que va pasando.

Nada mas empezar la maniana hemos parado en el Starbucks del Borders (donde empece tambien mi primera "cita" con Ini). Hemos estado hablando de que necesitamos urgentemente una mudanza hacia el centro de la ciudad. De hecho, en cuanto nos encontremos con Alejandra (he quedado hoy a las una con ella), intentaremos que nos ponga al corriente de la ubicacion de la oficina de empleo britanica, para trastear un poco: el "Job Centre".
Tengo pensado enseniarle a Ale las fotos de las vacaciones que imprimi ayer (unas 70) y sondear acerca de Ini por si se presenta el hipotetico encuentro final (... "el que la lleva la entiende", son cosas mias).

Ayer fue el primer Domingo que pise el Birmingham City Centre. Habia quedado con Addy y Ally a los cuales no veia desde el dia en que abandonaron la casa de Lea Marston.
El esta estudiando cocina y trabajando en un restaurante indio. Solo libra los domingos normalmente.
Ally esta estudiando ingles en "Brass House" (como Jose, antes Ini y Masumi, Alejandra...) y ahora anda atareada buscando un Part Time job (trabajo a media jornada).
Me conto la taiwanesa que esta un poco agobiada viviendo en la casa de los amigos de Addy, ya que se pasa todo el dia escuchandolos hablar indio, no entiende nada y ademas su nivel de ingles no mejora en absoluto.

Le di la mantilla de flamenca, en las fotos vio como debia de usarla, y dice que cuando vayan a la casa de Lea Marston (para ver a la gente, que ya les toca) la llevara puesta. (La verdad es que tampoco se me ocurria a mi cual era la ocasion idonea para que una taiwanesa que no piensa visitar sevilla, de momento, utilice una mantilla de flamenca).

Ally Cheng tambien me incita a que me mueva (me traslade) a la ciudad.

Como aparte curioso del dia de ayer habria de resaltar que cuando recogi las fotos que habia decidido imprimir acabamos echando en falta las del carrete que entrege de Isaac.
Habian metido sus fotos tambien en mi paquete pero no nos las habian cobrado. Tuvimos un pequenio lio intnetando aclararnos (yo) con el tipo del mostrador, pero afortunadamente descubri yo el percal antes que el. Ya saliamos de la tienda cuando comente al resto del grupo (Addy, Ally e Isaac) que a este ultimo le habian salido gratis las fotos.

Otro detalle fue cuando finalizo nuestra comida en el KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). Addy le echaba en cara a Ally que tenia que darse cuenta que el menu para cuatro personas era suficiente. Ally le respondio que es que ella tenia presente que uno de los comensales era yo. Es de sobra conocido por estos lares que "Bruce can eat everything and everytime".

Volvimos Isaac y yo a Tamworth en tren (el primero que cojo) a las seis de la tarde, para poder "enganchar" el ultimo autobus de Tamworth a Piccadilly (en los domingos es una Odisea viajar, pero ya he descubierto que se puede). Podiamos haber estado mas tiempo y coger luego un taxi, pero Isaac queria hacer su reserva para Londres en el ordenador de la casa de Jose lo antes posible.
NOTE: Daniel ya me habi borrado mi cuenta en el Windows XP y me habia quitado las sabanas (y eso que el dia de ayer lo tenia pagado).

Daniel y su extrania plebe dejaron la casa para ir a Birmingham, e Isaac y yo (demasiado cansados ambos como para hacer el camino hasta Lea Marston's house andando) nos quedamos a dormir alli. NOTE: previamente estuve escuchando como el Sevilla le hacia tres goles al Bilbao :D

Me quedan poco mas de diez minutos en este ordenador y os voy dejando hasta la proxima.

Ala, a cuidarse y a ver si puedo llamar a la casa un dia de estos (ahora esta mas complejo dado que en la nueva no hay telefono y en el hotel van de "saborios" normalmente).

See you soon!

domingo, 24 de abril de 2005

Sorry about my grammar ;)

I have to apologize to all the Spanish readers who have been following my adventures since the day I arrived in England.

The fact is that I have met some interesting and very nice people who have become my friends and also my family. Some of them have already left the country, some others will do it soon.
I want to let the ones who were gone know that we are still alive, that everything keeps going on, and I want all of you to realize that the meaning of I have started to write English for first time in my blogger is that I miss you.

I came back from my holidays in Spain the 18th of April. I was in Seville with my familly, my friends and a Corean girl called "Ini" (who was living with us).
She was like a sister for my brothers, like a daughter for my parents, but for me she's still the same Ini I met :P

Masumi, when you wrote to Jose and me you told us that you thought you felt like you had never left your country. I felt the same when I came back to the streets of my town. Sometimes
I could believe the six months I had spent in England were just like a dream.

It was a marvelous time. I wish I could repeat it...
Tempus Fugit :[

NOTE: These are a few pictures from my holidays...

Moreovever, I have moved to the hotel's house. Almost all my stuff is in there and lately Daniel nearly says nothing to me when he sees me working in the kitchen; I'm not worried at all about this kind of things, I think it's funny.

And that's all folks!

Take care all of you...
See ya in a bit!

[Text revised by Michael Nurika]

miércoles, 20 de abril de 2005

Tempus Fugit

De vuelta en Birmingham.

Aprovecho para colgar algunas fotos de las vacaciones del emigrante e Ini en Sevilla (y alrededores).

Lo primero que hizo Ini nada más pisar la casa fue probarse uno de los trajes de flamenca de mi madre. NOTE: el de la foto fue el tercer traje que vistió.

Estuvimos en la Plaza de España, pero los canales los habían secado...

Esta fue una de las tres veces que la coreana pisó la feria. Muy guapa ella con su traje de gitana. Y yo por mi parte luciendo el uniforme que Los Manolos hicieron famoso años atrás.

El cuadro al completo (excluyendo fotógrafa asiática) del grupo que partio a El Rocio y poteriormente a la playa de Matalascañas. Ahí estabamos comiendo despues de curiosear la playa y antes de ser los primeros en adentrarnos en las heladas aguas.

Fuimos a los toros por supuesto. Los Miura no estuvieron a la altura de lo esperado. A Ini no le gustó, pero al menos no fue para ella tan traumático como cuando los vió por televisión el día anterior.

Esta foto la incluyo a petición de Sara. No tiene mucha historia pero a ella le hacía ilusión ;)

See ya in a bit!

viernes, 8 de abril de 2005

Que me busquen!

Ok, hora de hacer oficial que el Miércoles (si no lo impide una catástrofe natural), llegaré al Aeropuerto de Málaga a las 13:50 según el horario previsto.

La reserva de los billetes de ida y vuelta ya está hecha.

flying out
Depart Birmingham (BHX) at 10:00 and arrive in Malaga (AGP) at 13:50

flying back
Depart Malaga (AGP) at 14:40 and arrive in Birmingham (BHX) at 16:35

Ayer logró Richard que me diesen libres varios días la semana próxima (para lo cual hube de contarle la mitad de la historia, lo que lo entusiasmó e hizo que pusiera más voluntad para lograr que la empresa llegase a buen puerto).

Acabó todo estando cogido por hilos, pero...
... yo ya tengo "mis tickets" ...
... el miércoles cojo el avión para España ...
... y si no ha sido posible cuadrar la próxima rota (no la he visto aún) tal como acordamos Richard y yo ...
... que me busquen! ...

Así que... todos aquellos que tan predispuestos estaban a invitarme en cuanto a mi antiguo lar volviese ... id preparando las carteras porque no tengo ganas de cambiar libras :P Nos vamos de feria*!

[* "Irse de feria": expresión utilizada cuando se desea hacer alusión a una salida de carácter social cuyo principal cometido es lograr la diversión de los individuos que la realizan]

...y esa gitana ...
se conquista bailando por se-vi-lla-nah!

Apuntes al personal:

  • JP: Esta vez no voy yo a Los Palacios, avisa a Jezú de que hay que ir, a Sevilla por ejemplo. Si no es mucho pedir, avisa tú también a Sara de que me bajo, porque a mi, creo que ya no me da tiempo (la llamaré de todas formas cuando llegue).

lunes, 4 de abril de 2005

Ratones Coloraos

[Cayendo el 1 de Abril (noche)]

Aproximadamente las doce de la noche. Mañana trabajo a las tres y Peter Codd se había ofrecido a 'darme un lift' hasta el hotel cuando pasase por Piccadilly.

Las niñas y Billy se acaban de ir a dormir, Isaac está trabajando. Y Michael me prepara una taza de té.
Sin más razón que, simplemente, no estar en "mi" casa, tras almolzar tomé la decisión de pasar la noche en "la casa de Lea Marston".

He repartido algunos CDs recién grabados, he anotado las nuevas peticiones, probé con fortuna ante Billy la frase en indonesio que estuve ensayando en el autobús, con Isaac he reparado una bicicleta a la vez que hemos destrozado cuatro, hemos probado que la DreamCast no funciona en las teles grandes.

El té se ha enfriado un poco y lo puedo beber con placer. Michael vuelve a tocar su guitarra. Música que incita a la calma.

Antes de bajar al salón, donde me encuentro, estuvimos los Indonesios, las niñas y yo, divagando durante un buen rato. En un momento puntual hablamos de Jose, y Billy, queriendo saber si se encontraba ya en Piccadilly, lo telefoneó.
Entonces iba en el tren hacia Tamworth.

Pensé en volver a la casa y esperarlo. Tengo ganas de hablar con él. Pensé que Peter Codd aún estaba trabajando y no tendría ningún inconveniente en llevarme de vuelta a Piccadilly. En el reloj del móvil de Billy ví que se me había hecho tarde. Aunque me diese prisa en llegar al hotel posiblemente ya no encontrase a Pete.

Cuando me despedí de Ini en Bull Street, no tardé en sentir la necesidad de reprochar, más energicamente esta vez, a Jose, que no hubiésemos sido capaces de anticipar aquel encuentro.

Soy plenamente consciente de que la testosterona condicionará, en mayor o menor medida, mi forma de sentir y pensar. Pero aún tratando de ser frío, no puedo dejar de sentir envidia al conocer a algunas personas con las que Jose a convivido.
Alejandra, venezolana, encantadora.
Masumi, el mismo día que la conocí hude de decirle adios, entrañable.
Ini, sin palabras, abandonando el registro formal del texto: "la caña".
Para gran parte de las personas con las que he tratado, antes de nada, soy un inmigrante.

Es interesante comprobar como la soñolencia empieza a destruir los pequeños muros de represión que a Conciencia nos imponemos.

Y concluyendo, antes de ir a dormir, vuelvo a hacer retórica clamando que no me parece justo que Ini vaya a pasar por mi casa, se encontrará con muchos de vosotros, y posiblemente a su estancia no acabe siendo más que una turista o una inmigrante por culpa de la ****** del lenguaje.

Que la paz sea con vosotros. Buenas noches.

viernes, 1 de abril de 2005

L'andalú - INI

Con er permizo de lo' lehtoreh, er prezente tehto lo boi ahcribí en el'andalú que menzeñó er rezidente de la calle La Plata tiempo a.


Aprobechando er día libre der Miercoleh, quedé por fin con Ini tra una jartá dintentoh fallíoh - Joze me rehponzabiliza a mi y yo hago lo mihmo con e -.

Como ziempre que organizo argo de "relativa importancia", mih horah de zueño er día anterió acabaron ziendo bien ezcazah.
Ehtube "ehtellin oveh" /"staying over"/ en la caza der Billy, y charlando con Izaá me dieron lah cuatro y media..
Me tube que dehpertá a lah ziete y cuarto pa cogé un autobú, llegarme a "mi" caza, ducharme, cambiarme, y zalí con Joze y su ermana en er bu pa Birmingham.


Dehpueh de dehpedí a Joze y a Inma en lahtación de treneh (ze iban a bizitá Londreh), la zeñorita coreana (Ini) y er zebillano en Birmingham (yo, er Bruh) acordamoh acercanno a toma rago en er "Estarbá" /"Starbucks"/ der "Bur-rin".

Llegamoh ar "Estarbá" que yo conocía (er de la primera planta) - htaba cazi lleno -, y una veh allí, la turihta compurziva me diho que en er interió der "Borders" (la tienda'libroh en la zegunda planta) abía otro "Estarbá" con muchoh zofah, que quizá hubiera arguno libre, que ehtariamoh mah cómodoh, y que zi no mimportaba tomá er cafetillo allí.

Namah llegá ar "Borders"(pa dezí "Borders" ziempre acabo pronunciando la "eze" der finá), Ini me informó de que eh mu común coherze argún libro o periódico de lah ehtanteríah y ohearlo mientrah ze toma uno er café tranquilito.
Noh hicimoh con una guía de biahe zobre Ehpaña y otra zobre Andalucía - en la portá de la primera había una foto de hete bailando zebillanah en "nuehtra" Plaza'Ehpaña.

Nuehtroh primeroh pazoh por la cafetería noh dehvelaron que, ar menoh en principio, tendriamoh que zentannoh en una meza con zillah de lah de to la vía.
Ini inzihtió en zer ella quien pagaze loh doh capuchinoh. Ahcedí a la tercera.


No pazó mucho tiempo hahta que tubimoh la ocazión de muarnoh a una meza con zofah


[Continúo en "castellano común"]

... la tertulia con Ini en el Starbucks fue realmente amena. El momento crítico fue cuando llegó la hora de comer: decidir dónde iriamos a comer en cuanto dejásemos la cafetería.

  • Le informé de que de entre unas veinte veces que había comido en la ciudad, sólo en dos ocasiones no lo hice en el "Big Wok". Le dije también que no me importaba volver a comer allí, pero ella me decía que teníamos que encontrar otro lugar.
  • El dilema del lugar donde comer hizo a Ini "declarar" que aquel era el momento de mayor preocupación en su vida ;P (jeje, con todo el cariño del mundo - que se lo tengo - está "colgá" ;)). Estaba dándole muchas vueltas a la cabeza y dice que no le gusta pensar y que raras veces lo hace ;P
  • Coincidíamos ambos en que Birmingham es una ciudad aburrida dado que aparte de ir de compras, a pocas más cosas te incita.
  • Me habló de que ella trabaja en un restaurante japonés (llevado por filipinos y donde la comida no es realmente comida japonesa sino "comida japonesa para ingleses"). Fallaba en el plan que su restaurante sólo abría por las noches. Conocía un segundo restaurante pseudojaponés cuyos horarios de apertura eran los mismos. Ideas descartadas para esta vez.
  • Surgió también la posibilidad de ir a su casa - opción Muy Interesante - o a la de su amiga malagueña (su "profesora de español") para comer allí. (Ini me dijo ser muy mala cocinera y que no le gusta cocinar. Me enseñó en su móvil una foto de la tortilla de patatas que se atrevió a hacer y no pude reprimirme el calificarla "scrambled eggs"; me dijo que al menos salió buena pese a la carencia de forma definida). El plan de visitar su casa se vio frustrado en cuanto le informé que el último bus que me dejaba cerca de casa partía a las seis y media.
  • Acabó recordando un restaurante francés donde comió una vez, y aquél fue el destino que se decidió.
Antes de ir a almolzar paramos en una tienda de ropa femenina donde se compró un bolso-bandolera para sus viajes por trece libras y cincuenta peniques. NOTE: hubiesen sido quince libras de no haber utilizado su carnet internacional de estudiante (10% off).

Con algunas dudas llegamos al restaurante francés.
Cháchara (le Encanta hablar), comida decente, risas y "tap water" (for free) en la cuenta.

De las aproximadamente cinco horas que pasé con Ini, me quedo con que siempre está sonriendo y tratando de hacerte sonreir. NOTE: lo digo totalmente en serio :)


  • Le dan pánico las palomas, así que a ver por dónde la lleváis.
  • Me contó que hace un par de años podía entenderse perfectamente hablando japonés con sus amigos de Japón; así que, Frodo, ya sabes, en mi casa el tiempo que puedas para hacer de interprete y de paso practicas.
  • Pretende hacer una ruta por Andalucía pero aún no tiene claro que lugares visitar (aunque ya tiene una idea).
  • Después de España va a la Republica Checa. Pretende tomar un vuelo desde Barcelona. (En esto también habría que ayudarla).
  • Le gusta el karaoke. No vendrían mal algunas partidillas al SingStar.
  • Me dijo que quizá se atreviera a cocinar "noodles" al estilo coreano... ¿?
  • Si no sucede ningún imprevisto, llega al aeropuerto de Sevilla el día 13 a las ocho de la tarde.
  • Me preguntó por algunos números de contacto en España-Sevilla-Alcalá para "andar más tranquila"... Javier Mancera Fernández, el tuyo cae - ya te compensaré cuando me vea en posición de poder hacerlo. Pero... ¿realmente puedo darle alguno más con mínimas garantías de que resulte productivo? Frodo... what about you? /anata-wa?/
  • Que me "da coraje" que en casa, algunos no vayais a poder conocerla realmente por culpa de la m**rd* del lenguaje :|
Bueno, actividad y a ver quién escribe.

Hasta luego.

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2005

Esperando confirmación

[Originariamente esto iba a ser un correo para Chari]

Hace una hora que acabo de "tratar de" llamar a casa. Ni mi madre, ni David, ni Forodo han sido capaces de contestar.

Y cómo ya van un par de semanas (aproximadamente) desde la última vez que hable con mi madre, no sé yo si estará dándole vueltas a la cabeza más de lo necesario.

Yo sigo estando bien por aquí...
  • Indenciso ante el inminente vencimiento de mi contrato (sólo tengo claro que quiero pasar mas tiempo en el Reino Unido).
  • Algo hastiado con los ingleses de la casa: he roto relaciones en el sentido de que sólo los trato lo minimamente imprescindible. (No recuercuerdo - o simplemente desconozco - la procedencia de ese dicho que comenta que "hasta el más tonto tiene algo que enseñarte", pero estos dos - y algunos de sus allegados - me parecen personajes completamente vacíos).
  • A consecuencia de lo anterior, paso ultimamente bastante tiempo en la casa de Billy, Michael, Isaac, "las niñas" y el chaval gay (llegado hace cuatro días y con un plUmazo del quince).
A las dos y cuarenticinco he de estar en la parada de autobús esperando a Peter Codd, quien se ha prestado a darme un lift. "Not later, not earlier" me dijo ayer varias decenas de veces :P

[Así que si se me escribe algún correo confirmandome que se leen mis post por casa... pues... eso... que mejor :P]

[Y lo de Ini y la Feria de Abril lo empezamos a organizar en pocos días]

... I see you when I see you (FFIX)

miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2005


Un par de fotos de la pseudo-fiesta de despedida de Didk en el Wetherspoon (o cómo se llame). El día de ayer y el de hoy (realmente ayer y antesdeayer, pero da igual) dieron para bastante pero por razones de tiempo reduciré a detalles lo ocurrido.

Estas son las dos nuevas incorporaciones al hotel: Alicia (from Algeciras) y Mariángeles (Granada). Quizá equivocara los datos en el post anterior. Didik y Bruce también aparecemos en la fotillo. El grupo sentado frente a tres pintas de "San Miguel" y un zumo de no-se-qué porquería que tomaba Didik por tal de no enfadar a Alá.

Aquí estoy con Marián (le mosquea bastante que le llamen Mari, cosa que sabe Billy, por lo cual se encargó de explicar como se ha de gritar "Mariiiiiii" a todos los presentes desconocedores de la lengua de Miguel Ángel Rodríguez y Cervantes).
No os preocupeis, que la botella que Didik sostiene detrás mía vuelve a ser de un mejunje con contenido en alcohol cero. [La única vez que contradijo a Alá fue en la fiesta del Abbey que se fumó un cigarrito; y por un cigarrito no creemos que "su" Supremo vaya a enfadarse. (Es más, no debe)]

Aquél día (noche realmente) estuvo marcado por:
  • Lo soso del principio.
  • La llegada escalonada de gente.
  • La ausencia de Jose.
  • El escaqueo de de cuarenta minutos por parte de Isaac y del que suscribe para comer en el "Frankie & Bennnie's".
  • El enésimo "numerito" entre Harry y Jenny ahora que están a las puertas de tomar el avión a Indonesia.
  • Billy emparanoiado comentándole a Marian una y otra vez lo preciosos que son sus ojos. [Doy fe]
  • Didik cabezón (esta vez en el sentido literal) que acabo pagando él sólo todo lo que se bebió.
  • Que nos echasen del local a las once y media porque cerraban.
  • Jenny buscando con quien desahogar sus pesares.
  • Las "niñas" - las españolas - a punto de caer en redondo al suelo - en plena calle - mientras tonteaban de no ser porque las conseguí sujetar. Aún así Marian se acabó lastimando un tobillo.
  • Un inglés jovencillo borrachucín asombrado de encontrarse con tres indonesios y cuatro españoles en Tamworth. Como siempre, Billy se encarga de capear en estos casos.
  • Isaac se las apañó para que fuese yo quien me quedase solo con Jenny en el salón. Conseqguí que se quedara dormida en quince minutos. La velé durante un par de ellos hasta que apereció Marian, me preguntó que qué car*j* hacía y me subí con ella a su habitación.
  • Cantando la cancion del tabaco (by Mojinos Escozíos) por bulerías Isaac y yo (con las niñas en su habitación) (Isaac a la guitarra).
  • Isaac y yo picando - y por supuesto, divagando - en la cocina.
  • Yo me acosté a las tres-quince cuando tenía que trabajar a las ocho. [Tengamos presente que "acostarse" y "dormir" no llegan a ser sinónimos].
  • Y sobre todo... la noche que nos dio Jenny (atacada de los nervios).
EL LEGADO DE DIDIK ha acabado siendo:
  • Su diccionario de Inglés-Indonesio dedicado. ["Never too old to learn"]
  • Un billete de mil rupias.
  • Una moneda de cincuenta rupias. Un ave con las alas abiertas y un escudo en el pecho en una de sus caras. Y un dragón de Komodo en la otra.
...y el recuerdo de muchos ratillos agradables juntos que hacen que lo vaya a echar de menos realmente. [Algún día nos volveremos a encontrar en Bali] ( aquí es donde lo tengo ahora :( )

Hasta la próxima Didik.
"We'll meet us in Bali. Good luck"