sábado, 30 de abril de 2005

Moving Around

I have already moved to Lea Marston's house but I have to keep paying the rent to Daniel (my "last" owner) because long time ago Diane (the manager of the hotel) "promised" (!!??) him that at least two people would be living in his house.
I have no idea about why she did it.
Anyway, life goes on. I can not talk with Jose as often as I used to do it but I think I feel better in my new house.

My new "targets" are moving to the City Centre, to get a new job and starting study at Brass House.
I was in there last Monday and I really liked seeing so many people from all around the world, talking, all together, when the classes were over.
Isaac (another Spanish housemate) was with me, and after met a girl I had an appoinment with (Alejandra, Jose's friend and Ini's friend as well), we met Addy and Ally Cheng.
They were helping us, telling us what should we do to find a job and acomodation in the City Centre.

NOTE FOR EVERYBODY EXCEPT DIDIK: Addy (Indian) and Ally (Taiwanese) are a couple who was working in the hotel with us. They left the hotel and moved to Birmingham.

After Addy and Ally were gone, Isaac and me went to Job Centre but we couldn't find anything interesting.

I fancy to go to Brass House; I think I could start to improve my poor English, I could get a Brand new certificate and... Brass House is also plenty of Asian girls :P

I'll be right back :D