domingo, 24 de abril de 2005

Sorry about my grammar ;)

I have to apologize to all the Spanish readers who have been following my adventures since the day I arrived in England.

The fact is that I have met some interesting and very nice people who have become my friends and also my family. Some of them have already left the country, some others will do it soon.
I want to let the ones who were gone know that we are still alive, that everything keeps going on, and I want all of you to realize that the meaning of I have started to write English for first time in my blogger is that I miss you.

I came back from my holidays in Spain the 18th of April. I was in Seville with my familly, my friends and a Corean girl called "Ini" (who was living with us).
She was like a sister for my brothers, like a daughter for my parents, but for me she's still the same Ini I met :P

Masumi, when you wrote to Jose and me you told us that you thought you felt like you had never left your country. I felt the same when I came back to the streets of my town. Sometimes
I could believe the six months I had spent in England were just like a dream.

It was a marvelous time. I wish I could repeat it...
Tempus Fugit :[

NOTE: These are a few pictures from my holidays...

Moreovever, I have moved to the hotel's house. Almost all my stuff is in there and lately Daniel nearly says nothing to me when he sees me working in the kitchen; I'm not worried at all about this kind of things, I think it's funny.

And that's all folks!

Take care all of you...
See ya in a bit!

[Text revised by Michael Nurika]