miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2005

16 Mayo - ...to Oli

Oli, tomorrow I'm going to send another box to the house (I mean, yours) I have writen your name in the address.
I hope you haven't bought your "Eye Toy Play 2" yet, cause "Sega All Stars" (the game Sega did) goes inside the box. The pack includes the game and the camera, so if you still want "Eye Toy Play 2" you only have to buy the game.

Last days I've benn playing "Soul Calibur" for Dreamcast, it has got a mission mode that you ought to try. Wait for the memory cards to arrive (they are in the box as well).
Note: I think the mission-mode is called "Weapon Master" (or something like that) in the game for PS2 I sent to you last Christmas.

I haven't got any clue about how much the postage will be.

And talking about what is going on in England... I can tell you (and everybody) that Ally rang me about one hour ago, she said to me that I better meet her on Wednesday, she will be too busy tomorrow because she and Addy are moving to a new house. She has to give me back my coat I left in their old house (when I went last Sunday). I sent a text to Addy to let them know I wanted to see her tomorrow a couple of minutes before she call me.

Now I'm in the living room, wrioting in my notebook and watching TV. Same came to the house a while ago.
Two of us, Billy, Alicia and Zack are still awake (it's twenty past twelve according to the clock in the living rrom).
NOTE: well... Isaac is awake as well, but he is working in the hotel right now.
POSTNOTE: I have just realized that Michael is not sleeping yet (he is ironing again... amazing).

I'm thinking about going to Birmingham tomorrow after sending the box (I'll do it in Tamworth).
I could write this in the blogger (I'm going to Birmingham on Wednesday anyway) and I also can keep collecting aplicaion forms everywhere.

I wish I could be working (and living) in the City centre before the night shifts I have to do on 27th and 28th ;)

18 de Mayo LAST NEWS

  • Billy and Michael are going back to Indonesia on Friday (the day after tomorrow).
  • Isaac is going to leave the hotel next week (he is really fed up of Lea Marston's people).


what is going next? O_o