miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2005

Thesaurus - Part I

Once upon a time a charming guy called Bruce who lived in a big cottage, far far away, woke up in his stony bed.

He turned off the alarm of his "Sagem" mobile. He had let it ring for no more than one second. He really hated the sound of that alarm. It made him fell very annoying.

After a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits, the youth took his bag, his key and came along to the bus stop close to the house.
He was going to Birmingham to get his missing coat back, Ally Cheng was going to gave it back to him. And the meting point was going to be the famous college where she was studying; it was known as "The BrassHouse".

When Bruce had just left the abode, a gray blur passed as fast as an "Arriva bus" use to go in front of the bus stop. Then the boy realized that the bus he wanted to take was going to arrive ten minutes after the time he had in his mind.

Anyway, he stood in the bus stop for ten minutes until he decided he better went back home and waited for thenext one.


The cottage was empty, there was nobody there except the charming guy called Bruce who had gone upstairs,to the girls room, to that place where the console was.

Last night, Isaac had said to him how to recover the image on the screen. Sometimes it was gone and they had to tune the TV channel.
When the two fighters became a bunch of pale flashing dots Bruce tried to do what Isaac had taught.
It worked the first time. It was fruitless on the following one.

Billy Came into the room.
'Billiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!,' shouted Charming Bruce happilly.
'Hello Bruce, are you going somewhere?' asked Billy who seemed to be very sad. He really was very sad, and that was because the people from his job agency had come to the house the last night to inform Billy and Michael they had to go back to Indonesia on Friday. It was on Wednesday.

'The console is dying. There is not justice in the world,' claimed the Spaniard staring at his sorrowful friend.
'Yes, there is not justice in the world. This is shit,' asserted Bily.
'Life sucks and after that you die'
The last saying made Billy smile for half second.

The only person in the girls room was the charming Spanish guy again. His sad Indonesian housemate had just stepped out the bedroom and Bruce went back to try fixing the console.

Songs from mana came to the room while he kept doingthe useless fixing.
Songs from Mana were maybe the saddest songs in the world.
He peered at the clock on the floor. If he didn't wantto lose the next bus to Birmingham Charming Bruce needed to hurry a bit.

Anyway the melancholy songs coming from Billy's CDplayer attracted him to the asian bedroom.

'Como quisiera...,' singed Billy trying not to cry.
'Do you know you shouldn't listen to Mana's songs if you could understand Spanish?'
'They are very sad songs. Maybe the saddest songs inthe world'
'But it's very common to do this when people fell like you... now'
'Can you translate?'


About fourty minutes later, the bus left Bruce inUpper Bull Street. He had been reading a few pages of' The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents' during the journey.
Bruce didn't like to feel he wasted his time when he was on the bus. When he travelled by bus on his own he always needed to read any book. His favourites were the fantasy ones.

The starvation steered his steps to "Gregs", it was asmall shop in "Union Street" where people could buy cheap hot meals and pasties.
Two french bread pizzas, one chicken baguette and a coke were what he bouhgt in that ocassion.

Seated in a bench in front of Pavilion Centre he finished all his foodstuffs but he saved some coke andhe put the bottle into his bag.


He had used one of the computers in the second floor of the shopping centre to write one of his awesome adventures. Charming Bruce's family used to know about him reading the website he had. Charming Bruce rarely used the phone since the day he had come from his Hollidays in Spain.

Afterwards he was in the hall of Brass House.


Alejandra showed up walking downstairs going to the hall. Nobody had left the classrooms before her.
'Hola! Como estas?' said the girl from Venezuela.
'Creo que bien'
'Por que? Que pasa?'
'No, nada. No pasa nada,' assured him.
'Bueno, y como es que te has venido hoy por aqui?'
'Estoy esperando a Ally Cheng, la chavala taiwanesa,' told her at the time they had a sit in the sofa placed in one of the corners of the room, beside the stairs she had just walked down.

The hall of the college got very crowded with students who were leaving their classroms. Some of them went out straight off to the street, some others stopped in that room for having a last chat with their classmates before going home.
And among the horde appeared a person wearing a gaudy orange coat.

'Ally!' shouted Alejandra. Then the girl in the orange coat turn herself back.

Alejandra withdrew the sofa after a few minutes more.
Ally was explaining to him something she knew it would be very interesting for him. The taiwanese girl was excited and her friend looked astonished while he listened to her.