domingo, 29 de mayo de 2005

Thesaurus - Part II


'Wait, wait, wait. This Friday there is a Japanese party in Brass House. Lot of food and also lot of Japanese girls. I will find a girl for you there. I tried to book the tickets, they are £5 each but I couldn't book them because when I went they said to me that I had to...'

Bruce could hardly follow what Ally Cheng was saying.

'I tried to book the tickets but...' she went on.
'Ally, Ally. Wait a second. Where did you say it's going to be?' he interrupted as kindly as he could.
'Here, in Brass House'.
'But I think I can not go. I mean, I'm not allowed to go'.
'Don't worry, don't worry. I'll say you're my friend and you come with me'.
'Are you sure?'.
'Yes, yes. Don't worry'.
'... hang on. I'm not sure about what time do I have to work on Friday. Anyway... I think I have to work in the morning. Anyway... if I have to work in the evening I think I can swap my rota or maybe call for sick'.
'Naughty...' she call him pointing a finger on him.
'I think I can ring Jose. He can have a look to the rota later'.

Ally didn't let Bruce use his mobile. She call Jose and after greeting Jose she passed her phone to him.


Their new house was a couple of minutes walked from the nearest bus stop. There wasn't anything wich looked uncommon in the exterior of that house, in fact, it was the typical exterior of a British house.
When they came in, Bruce realized there was a little thing different to the common intems he had been seeing. There was a shoes rack.

Sitted in one of the sofas in the lounge, a guy in shorts was watching TV.
Bruce, who was trying to hide the hole in one of his socks, said hello to him. Inmediatly Addy introduced that guy to Bruce.
The owner of the house and the friend of the couple shook their handas.

Ally went to the kitchen and Charming Bruce and Adnan Ginwala took a sit. They watched how a subtitled movie ended.

'Is it recorded from TV?' Enquired the Spanish one to Addy when the TV adverts started to apperar. He remembered the time when he went to the old house of his friends, he had been watching a couple of indian movie for more than four hours.
'No it's the satelite,' answered the Iranian one feeling very proud of it. 'You can watch some Italian channels as well'.
'I'm Spanis,' and he smilled.
'No. Don't worry. It's all right.' Charming Bruce had smiled again.

'This is Italian... Italian... Italian... as well...'.
Ally and Addy were in the kitchen while the one whose name sounded similar to "Momo" (certainly, that was how Ally call him) aimed to find a Spanish channel.
'This one! That is a Spanish channel.'

In a couple of seconds both of us resolved to change the Sapnish debate for the PSC: "Persian Music Channel".
Then the "supposed Momo" left the living room and went to the yard.


Ally had troubled herself putting not to much spicy stuff in the food.
The omelette with dried beef and fried rice was really tasty; and also not too spicy, pointed out Bruce.
That assertion made Ally Cheng feel a bit dissapointed.
He quickly added he was joking.

After their lunch the couple recalled they needed to buy some food so they let their friend know and three of them went away with their shoes put on again.


The perpendicular street, where the bus stop was, was beisdes full of any kind of shops. You could find any kind of food in there, and you could find cheap food everywhere in that street.

They entered into a small store. There were a few reacks with fruit around the entrance; and that wasn't strange at all but there was a detail which claimed Bruce's attention.
Some of the scrawls he could see were Urdu writing, Addy told him.

The shop was quite big. It wasn't as big as an Asda supermarket used to be but it definitely was big enough.
The Urdu scrawls were everywhere.

Walking around among the maze of shelves, waiting for his friends to finish shopping, he found a row of tins oin a shelf. And the tins looked very similar to those ones he was packing about one year ago when he was working in a bottle factory.
Bruce could read "Dos Hermanas, Carretera la Isla, Km. 2" printed in it.
"Indeed, this world is very small," he thought.


Back to Addy, Ally and the supposed Momo's hosue, Ally scurried to the kitchen once again, Addy went upstairs to his room to bring some typical Indian food his mum had sent to him and Bruce tried to found out what time the meeting that night was going to be.

The charming guy dialed Billy's phone number.
He got no response.
Seconds later his mobile started to ring. It was Michael.


The trio had chicken and rice for their dinner, that meal was a very common one at Bruce's Spanish house.
Bruce's mum used to cook rice with pieces of chicken very often.
And he told that to Ally.
And then, when he did it, Ally proclaimed he could think about her like his new mum. She was taking care of him everytime and they realized she also cooked the same meals sometimes. Although Ally's were a bit spicier.


Michael had said to Bruce that the meeting point was going to be somewhere in Broad Street. Around nine o'clock everyone had to stay out there to start Billy and Michael's leaving party.

It was twenty past seven so Ally went back to the kitchen as usual and prepared three delicious lemon teas.
Then the Iranian joined to us and he started to talk about his holidays in Spain.


It was five to nine when Billy gave Charming Bruce a call..

The trinity were falling slept couse the owner kept talking about how wonderful his life was and how clever he was. Everything was "proved" with plenty of photos of him, his familly and his girlfriends.

The Spaniard announced that the group was going to arrive to Birmingham in the next minutes, and as soon as they could, the couple dissapeared leaving him on his own with the untiring Iranian mouth.

Fortunetly the owner abandoned the room almost at the same time.





  • When I left the house in the morning, my only target was picking up my coat so I went out wearing just a shirt. It was a very windy day and I was despertaed for taking my coat back.
  • Ally Cheng gave me half banana when I met her in the hall of Brass House. She always share the food she brings to the college with me.
  • I went to the library with Ally before we met Addy. She was helping me with my C.V. but I didn't finished that day.
  • In the library, Ally gave me a Taiwanese note. She said to me its worth is about two pounds. The note is now in my wallet.
  • At night, when we left Addy, Ally and the supposed Momo's house, we thought Isaac and Jose weren't going to come. Isaac had to work and call for sick. Jose finished to work at eleven and took a taxi to go come (£20).