viernes, 3 de junio de 2005

Lost in Translation - Chapter I

And Friday arrived.
I didn't sleep too much, as usual in this kind of situations. The last night all of us had gone out in the City Centre.
It had been the night we "said see you later" to Michael and Billy because they went back to Indonsia on Friday morning departing from London.

My shift was eight to four in the morning, it was perfect for me to be on time at the "Ohanami Party".

At three o'clock Jose came to Lea Marston's kitchen. He had been at Brass House and had to work until eleven.
He asked me how excited I was because of the "Japanese meeting". He was a bit surprissed when, last night, he saw me entering the bar reading a sheet filled with Japanese grammar notes.
I explained to him that I was a bit nervous but I felt like going there soon cause I wanted to know what I was going to meet.
Jose also told me that he had been with Ally in the college and she said to him that she hadn't any appointment with me yet.
That was true. I had to phone her.


At four o'clock, after clocking out, I rushed to reception to have my wages I tried to call ally twice but she didn't pick up the phone.

Then I started to run to the house. I pretend to take the bus at quarter to five, the next to last.
Hurriedly, I took the garments I was going to put me on and I went upstairs to the bathroom to have a shave and a shower.

I was nearly finishing, I was dressing up when Isaac, carrying my mobile wich was ringing, knocked at the door.
'Cogelo tu! Es Ally.'
'Hello... Ally?' I heard Isaac talking behind the door. 'He is in the toilet...'

With no few dificulties we decided to see us at Brass House at seven o'clock and I should take the last bus then. I stopped rushing.


Reading some Japanese notes I had taken before leaving the house I strode to the the bus stop.


I had been reading over my notes until the bus dropped me in Upper Bull Street.


At quarter to seven I arrived to Brass House, almost in the end of Broad Street.

In the corner of Broad Street with the street where the college was I had seen a guy who was hitting a cab using his fists. People were stopped looking at the scene. I hadn't paid any attention when I passed in front of him.

I would have to wait for Ally a few minutes so I sat in one of the sofas.

Ally showed her up on time. She looked breathless.
'Hello Ally;' I said a bit perturbed, 'Have you been running?.'
'Hello Bruce. What?' She gasped.
'I said "have you been running to come to Brass House?"'
'Yes, a little bit.' She explained to me that when the bus she took left her in the bus stop it was nearly seven o'clock and she didn't want to be late.

She gave my bag back to me. I had left it in her house two days ago (SEE "Thesaurus, Chapters I & II).

'Go, go, go. "dRd"apido, "drd"apido,' said Ally to me. We had to go to another room out of the amin building.


The meeting room wwas behind the main edifice. The gate was quite big and under it there was a man sitted in front of a table, he was checking who was entering the place.

It was going to be £5 each.
After three tries Ally "let me" pay her ticket [NOTE: well... indeed she didn't allow me to pay but I did]

She gave the ten pounds note to the man and he asked her about her name.

Ally's name didn't appeared in the sheet. She told him she tried to book the tickets a few days ago but she couldn't do it and also somebody said to her she could buy them in there.
The checker man said that there was no problem, even there was no problem for me to go in cause "I went with her".

There were five big tables placed close to the walls. There was also a ping pong table in the end of the dinning room.
Around each big table there were a lot of small chairs, that kind of chairs wich was normally used in classrooms. And on the tables there were a lot of dishes, each one contained a different traditional Japanese meal. And in the center of each table there was a vase sith "SAKURA" (cherry flowers). The surface of the ping pong table was full of silly tiny objects.

But there were also a couple of empty small tall tables. Ally said to me we should use one of them.
We did that way.


We took a couple of plates, a couple of chopsticks and a fork from the nearest table. Then we loaded the plates with diferent food taken from the two tables wich rounded ours.

I started to eat realizing that Ally loved food almost as much as I do.

I realized also that I was the only person, among up to thirty people, who was using a fork instead of chopsticks.
I told it to Ally.

Ally headed the table where we got the plates and some food and she went back gripping a spound.

'I have brought a spound because I don't want you to have to feel stupid.'

Seconds later I was the only person at the "Ohanami party" using a spound and a fork instead of chopsticks.


'I feel a bit disappointed. I though there were going to be more Japanese girls.' Ally said showing a sincere sorrowfull expression.
I had a look across the room. Certainly, there were just few. I saw a copule of old women in kimonos, they looked very funny.

We kept eating and chatting.

'Bruce, Bruce. This one, this one!' I was concentrated rolling some noodles on my plastic fork. I wasn't sure about what she was talking.