viernes, 3 de junio de 2005

Lost in Translation - Chapter II

NOTE: I have fixed the first chapter, it was an accident. I'm so sorry :(

I rose my head and I looked at Ally who showed a really happy and excited face this time.
Inmediatly I turned my head to look at the place she was pointing using her index finger.

'Bruce. Yes. That's yours.'

The Japanese girl was taking some food from the closest table.
She was tall to be Japanese, she was wearrg fashionable clothes and she was a very pretty girl.

'Excuseme, are you Japanese?' enquired Ally after having tapped the back of the cute Japanese girl. Another girl turned herself back to look at Ally.

'Yes, we are Japanese.' Said the first one.
'Oh. I've asked because both of us have been studying Japanese and maybe we can practice if you don'mind to have a sit with us. Do you mind?' I blushed.
'No, of course not,' answered meanwhileshe left her dish on our table.

The name of the girl Ally Cheng "had found for me" was SUMIE but people used to call her "Sumi" because the pronunciat of her name was too complicated for British people.
I couldn't remember the name of the second Japanese girl because I couldn't foundout how to spell it. A third girl, from Corea, was companying them. I rememered Ini when I saw her; for me, Ini and that gir llooked very similar.

Ally started to get all the inforation she could about Sumie.
We knew both Japanese girl had come to England together. Their universty had payed the trips and it was paying their stayin Like Ini, they hadn't finished their career in the university yet.
They lived together in a house about twenty minutes from the City Centre.
Except Sumie the others girls were going out in Broad Street that night.

My mind was starting to smoke. Ally's questions didn't stop. She was trying to know everything.

The Japanese girl who wasn't Sumie asked e if I wanted to join them that night. I said I could try.

Ally availed herself of everrytime the girls left the table to point that Sumie was "the ideal".
She was firmly convinced. [NOTE: And I know I can trust her ^_^]
'We have to ask her about her elehone number later. But we should wait for her friend to go.' Ally meant Sumie's Japanese friend, the Corean one ha left the table long time ago.

The verbal flood coming out from the mouth of my helpful friend seemed unstopable.
I didn't know how to join into the conversation, Ally was examining her like a police sergean could examine a suspicious of serial killing.
Anyway, Sumi always replied kindly and cerfully. ner the tble, Ally pinched me everytime he hought she got some good new information.

The Corean girl and the Japanese one whose name I couldn't remember had gone to chat with two Englis looking guys in the center of the room.

When they came back to our table Suie's partner was grasping a small glass.
I was sake in it.
She invited me to try.

I said to them that the drink I had just tried tasted like tequila but the Japanese liquor wasn't too strong.
She agreed and finished the drink.

After that I showed I can eat a typical Japanese sweet that most of European people use to hate. I couldn' understand why.
And finally they came out.
'JA MATA,' I said to them.


Ally kept asking. It was amazint t way she interrogated Sumie. It seemed Sumie didn't realized what "my mother in England" was doing.
Ally looked extremely friendly everytime. Indeed, she is extremely friendly everytime. But this time she was being friendly and she had a plan also.

Sometimes I participated in te show on my own, sometimes I had to cause Ally "invited" me to do it.

Another the things she lookedd up was that Sumie nd her friend has been lving in Englad for just one month and a half at the moment.
My pleased very best friend in England [NOTE: one off them]hd a brilliabt idea by herself.

'So, if you have been in England only for one month, I think, maybe, you should need some help. Don't worry because Bruce and me can help you whatever you need. Yes.
Don't worry.
Do you have an email address?'
'Ok. ok.'