sábado, 25 de junio de 2005

Lost in Translation - Chapter IV

'Bruce, Bruce. What are you doing?'
'Ally? Believe me, I have no idea.'
'Where is Sumi?'
'She is in the bus stop.'
'And where are you?'
'I have just left Sumi in the bus stop and I'm walking
down Broad Street.'
'I'm near the bus stop, still in Broad Street.'
'Ok, ok. But what is Sumi doing?'
'She is waiting for the bus, she is not going to go
out tonight. I think I will go back to my house then
because -'
'Bruce? You are confusing me.'
'I know. I'm very confused.'
'Well... Ok. So, what are you going to do now?'
'I'm going to the train station.'
'You remember where is it, right?'
'Ehmmm...I'm not sure.'
'Ok...What! Don't worry, I'll go with you. Where can
we meet?'
'Where are you Ally? Are you in Broad Street?'
'Yes, yes.'
'Ok. Can we meet us in front of Hyat Hotel?'
'Can we meet us in Hyat Hotel?In front of Hyat Hotel.'
'Yes, yes. Just go there. See you in a bit.'
I had no time to reply her farewell at the phone. I
just pocketed it and I started to sidle looking for
Ally. The collosal Hyat hotel was about two hundred
yards away. She was waving to me when I catched sight
of her. I quickened.
'Bruce, Bruce. Tell me. What have you been doing? You
confused me at the phone.'
'I know, that's coz I'm confused as well.'
'Why did you go with her? I was also confusing when I
saw you walking with Sumi because I didn't know what
did you want to do.'
'Ally, I have just told you. I was, I am, very,
confused. I knew her friends will go out tonight but I
didn't know how to meet them and also Sumi is going to
stay at her house so I decided I will go back to my
'But she said to us she was not going to go out.' Ally
puzzled 'Ok. You have to catch the train so
"dRdapido", "dRdapido"' She had realized that I was
not the only one who had to hurry, she had to take a
'..."so, if you have been in England only for one
month and a half maybe you should need some help. You
can call me or call Bruce whatever you need".' I joked
remembering her what she had been saying to "pick some
information" from Sumie '"Oh! you are studying about
European culture; Bruce can teach you about Spanish
culture".' I beamed at her.
'Yes' She smiled as well 'I was very clever when I
asked her for her telephone number like that.'
By the way I recalled that the gateway to the train
station was into one of the corridors of Bullring
Link. I had passed for that place many times, I could
not believe I had forgotten the location.
Ally didn't let me go until I promised I'd give her a
missed call as soon as I'd put my feet into Lea
Marston's house.

The Bullring Link was another shopping centre wich, a
few years ago, had been connected to the moderner
BullRing Centre by means of a footbridge between the
two edifices.
That one was going to be the third time I was going to
use the train in England. The first time Addy had told
Isaac and me what train to take and what to do
afterwards. In the second one Marian was the one who
planned our comming back to Tamworth by train. And
this third time was going to be up to me.
I went to have a look to the trains time tables.
According to "Marian's train catching procedure" I had
to start like that.
Trains to Tamworth were shown in the last but one
panel. It was not too hard to hit on what I was
looking for. I just had to pary to be right.
According to "Marian's train catching procedure" if
the first part had been successful I had to find out
wich platform was the train arriving to.
A few screens, fastened to the ceiling and walls,
displayed a list of the next incoming trains.

"DESTINATION: Leeds, EXPECTED: 2203, STATUS: on time,
I glanced at the clock in the upper part of the
monitor. "22:01".

I had not hitherto had any kind of troubles to reach
the train and that was quite strange, rather, quite
The only point that got me a bit worried was the fact
that the train was going to Litchfield instead of
Leeds. But it had been at the right place, at the
right time, it ought to be "the train".
I picked my mobile phone from the pocket in the sleeve
of my new coat(*). In the small screen, the minute
hand was pointing at six. I was sited into a wrong
train and, to make matters worse, it was already

I got of the car on arriving the following station. I
needed to find out how to arrive to Tamworth. As a
matter of fact, keaping sitted in that train was on of
the ways to not to achieve it.
Few people was leaving. There were no more than six
persons at the wayside station, and only one of them
was not too far from me.
'Excuse me. Excuse me please. Do you know how can I go
to Tamworth from here, from this place. I took the
wrong train.'
'This train is not going to Tamworth. The train is
going to Lichfield.'
'I know that already.'
'I think you can go to Lichfield and take a train to
Tamworth from Lichfield Train Station.'
'Ok, thank you. Thank you very much.'
'Go into the train!'
I entered a different car this time, there was a
couple chatting at the rear.
I got my bag and I took my notebook out. Ally had
"suggested" that I MUST write an email to Sumie; I
started scrawling what was going to be the email text
the next day.

(*)Isaac had given that garment to me before I left
the house to go to the party. He was packing the stuff
he was going to take to Spain the day after, the white
Nike coat was one of the articles he couldn't include
in his luggage.