sábado, 25 de junio de 2005


On account of my "new" night shifts and several others
events I couldn't write very often last month so here
is a little summary of the main happenings:

* The only I have achieved at the moment (about my
quest for a new job) has been a bunch of refusal
letters, and also the knowledge of Indian companies
will not contract for a non-Indian person, and the
same fact for "Paki and non-Paki".

* A French guy is living with us now. We don't know
too much about him yet because he came to the house
last week and he seems he doesn't like talking.
Anyway, we already know his father should be rich, he
is going to stay in England for two months because he
wants to improve his English, he doesn't has to pay
for the accomodation and he hides a laptop in his

* I met Ini a couple of days before my birthday. She
was going to do a travel to the North of Europe with
her mates from Malaga: Tina and Jose. She said that
she misses my familly and she will visit all of you
again (I mean, she will go to Alcala again). I will
not see her til next year.

* I applied for a Korean minicourse at Brasshouse. The
Japanese and Mandarin courses were full.

* One of the cables from my Dreamcast has broken out.
I bought a brand new NintendoDS instead of trying to
fix the cable (SEE THESAURUS post).

* The gay guy I'm living with (Zack) has become "the
partner" of the gay guy I was living with (Daniel).
That's more stuff for me to ifnore if I don't want to
get completly mad.

* My birthday presents were a "Londonsale" bag (very
fashionable over here) from Ally, a postcard and £10
from Peter Codd and two "I'll buy something for you
one of these days" from Ali and Jose. I had to work
that night.

* One of the girls wanted to eat anywhere except
BigWok. We (the girls, Zack and me) finally went to
"Nando's". I tried the spiciest food I have ever
tried. After four bites I had to stop eating and go to
the toilet to wash my face.