miércoles, 27 de julio de 2005

Lea Marston's (Draft 1)

Dear Mrs Gilbert,

Thank you very much for allowing me to work at your hotel in the last ten months. The work was not very interesting but I learned a great deal about what the working enviroment (for inmigrants) was like.

When you told me I ought to move all my stuff from my old room to the one upstairs the next Monday, I couldn't imagine you were going to tell Sol Clifford and Tom Harper to doit for me three days before Monday. Such a delightful surprise when I came from Birmingham and I found my old room empty.

It has been also very reassuring to find out that someone from the hotel took the trouble of check my letters before give them to me, avoiding to hand me over any envelope containing some hazardous substance my parents could have put into it.

I still remember, also, the time Liz Ravendall came to "our" house at half nine in the morning. After some time shouting "hello" all over the house, she entered the room where Isaac Fernandez and me were trying to sleep - she did not bother herself with knocking the door - and she waited for Isaac to be awake to let him know that we should clean the kitchen.
Unfortunately Isaac had just come from working a couple of hours ago and he did not fell like tidying up.

Even when Isaac was gone, Marcus O'Brien did something similar when he wanted to let us know that the "then-unknown" French guy was coming that day.
I was the one who had finished working at seven in the morning. I needed to keep sleeping and it was a bit complicated when Mr. O'Brien turned the radio on and turned the volume up as loud as posible.
Unfortunately I had blocked the door using a table and we could not meet this morning.

There has not been something such "Privacy" in Lea Marston's house until the day Xavier came here.


Any kind of advices or suggestions to: realbrucest@yahoo.es

Take care.

See you!

miércoles, 20 de julio de 2005

Mission Codename BBQ - UC!!

(On account of this post was goig to take a long time to be finished, I think I'm going to wait to be in Spain to complete the report. I do apologize again :S)

July 17th

  • Time: 10:25
  • Place: Old Kingsbury Road
  • Involved: me
  • Action: leaving the house
  • Equipment: Reebok trainners, Springfield trousers, Diadora (Birmingham City official) TShirt, Rayban sunglasses, Blakes Pants, Unknown-brand socks
  • Target: going to Kingsbury White Swan bus stop
  • Items in bag: Kodak Digital camera, Oxford Diccionary & Thesaurus, two pens, "Maskerade" by Terry Prattchet, Glasses in its case, Sunglasses's case
  • Items in pockets: Sagen X2 Mobile, Wallet (£72.22)
  • Dificulties: I couldn't have breakfast... starving.
  • Notes: Sunny day. Very unusual.

  • Time: 10:54
  • Place: Kingsbury, in front of White Swan pub
  • Involved: me
  • Action: Arriving to the bus stop
  • Equipment: (same)
  • Target: wait for the bus to come
  • Items in bag: (same)
  • Items in pockets: same, Wallet (same)
  • Dificulties: I couldn't have breakfast... still starving, also a bit tired
  • Notes: Sunny day. Very unusual

  • Time: 11:07
  • Place: (same)
  • Involved: me, the bus driver
  • Action: Entering the bus and buying an "all day ticket"
  • Equipment: (same)
  • Target: go to Tamworth
  • Items in bag: (same)
  • Items in pockets: + "All day" bus ticket, Wallet (£68.47)
  • Dificulties: I couldn't have breakfast... I'm even a bit more starving
  • Notes: Sunny day. Very unusual

  • Time: 11:21
  • Place: Corporation Street, Tamworth
  • Involved: me
  • Action: Arrive to Tamworth
  • Equipment: (same)
  • Target: Find some place to eat
  • Items in bag: (same)
  • Items in pockets: same, Wallet (same)
  • Dificulties: I couldn't have breakfast... I'm even a bit more starving than when I came into the bus
  • Notes: The bus has gone faster than ever

  • Time: 11:33
  • Place: Mc Donald's in Tamworth Centre
  • Involved: me, a few people having breakfast
  • Action: eating a McMeal
  • Equipment: (same)
  • Target: avoid the starvation
  • Items in bag: (same)
  • Items in pockets: same, Wallet (£65.48)
  • Also items: + Coke, + Big Mac, + Pack of fries, + Pipe
  • Dificulties: that was not the place where I wanted to have my breakfast
  • Notes: The guy undestood my order on the first attempt.

  • Time: 11:46
  • Place: (same)
  • Involved: me
  • Action: leaving McDonalds
  • Equipment: (same)
  • Target: keep waiting for the bus to Birmingham
  • Items in bag: (same)
  • Items in pockets: same, Wallet (same)
  • (They were) also items: - Coke, - Big Mac, - Pack of fries, - Pipe
  • Dificulties: none
  • Notes: I've realized that McDonald's BigMac tastes gherkin-like when you don't put any sauce in it

  • Time: 11:56
  • Place: Gamestation in Tamworth Centre
  • Involved: me, seller guy
  • Action: buying two VMS (memory cards) for Dreamcast
  • Equipment: (same)
  • Target: carry the memory cards to Spain
  • Items in bag: + Two VMS
  • Items in pockets: same, Wallet (£59.50)
  • Dificulties: I can not see properly into the shop on account of I am wearing my sunglasses
  • Notes: I feel a bit upset because I think this time the guy didn't understand everything I said

miércoles, 13 de julio de 2005

I've got a cold - Ending I

When I tried to take a bus to go "what was going to be" my first Korean Class I was early at the bus stop. Unfortunatly I was only eight minutes early (and, if I'm not earlier than ten minutes the bus will be earlier than me*).
If I waited for the next bus I would be late for my first Korean class.
I missed it.

Anyway I wanted to go just to meet new people, I wanted to have interesting times again. It was a very important thing i had to do, right up to that point.

I really need to apologize to all the people that have been writing to me lately in account of I didn't give them any answer. Even when I, at last, had some spare time to go to the library, I had to stay at home because of an annoying cold.
I think I could write more often beginning from next month.

In the last email - a very sorrowfull and melancholy one - Billy sent me, I read about how time walks past the very nice moments we spent together and takes all of them leaving only a slight remembrace.
But then we can bring those moments to our minds we can fell happy again wherever we are. (from Billy's last email).

Well, I just wanted to let all of you know that I think my first season in England has finished (I'm already preparing things to go back to Spain for a few months).

In this very moment I think I would like to go back to Birmingham, because of Addy and Ally, (apart from Spanish food, and notebooks "with squares") I can find anything in Bullring, and I really enjoyed the feeling in the Ohanami party in Brass House and the time I stayed with Jose's classmates.
But this is what I think in "this very moment". I don't know what is going to happen.


I'll try to see you all next week.

PD to Masumi:If you need me to say that... well, I don't mind. "I don't forget about you" (Don't blame me ~_~, It's just that I can not use a computer as often as I would like :S)

(*) Of course, otherwise, if I'm earlier than ten minutes the bus will be late.

lunes, 4 de julio de 2005



Dear Wise Men:

I would have you know I moved to England last October. I guess you hadn't a propper information about emigration and perhaps, thats why my brothers and Inma had to do your job this year. I saw the sender address in the box, it wasn't any of you. That is not fair: as a "still" Spanish citizen, I have a right to get any presents from you each 6th of January if I have been a good guy all year round. Or, at last, you should have put some charcoal into my shoes if you thought I was not good enough. I really think you forget about me. On acount I dont want this to happen again I decided to write my letter five month early this year. Don't ever do it again or I'll let the Trade Union to know.

The circumstantes at the present time don't let me betoo evil. I'm stil working at the same hotel and, since the day Isaac went back to Spain, I had to do a lot of night shifts. That means I have been cloistered in my house for many days, sleeping in the morning, cooking, reading, writing or watching TV afterwards. You can see that acting that way it is obvious I can't go on with wickedness. It is true that I have not bought the birthday present for Addy yet, and it is also true that his birthday was around two months ago. Aside from the sparetime lack I would like you to know I don't know what trousers size he wears*.


Don't you worry about the games or playing cards. We are only three people at home - because Zack is at Daniel's everytime - but almost all of us manage to not get bored: Xavier reads and listens to music, I concentrate on learning English, and Alicia... she is in the habit of complaining that she feels bored living in a boring house.

In the last days I did eight night shifts in a row, i'd like to dwell on I WANT TO GET A NEW JOB wich lets me do things like: do not have to wait for a day off to go shopping, to use a computer or saying someone (out of work) "see you tomorrow".


Well, I think that's all at the moment. (I'll probably come back).

Yours sincerely,

Antonio Bruce Rodriguez Fernandez
(now in England).

* To solve the "what can I buy" problem, I finished off asking Addy what could Jose and me buy for him, whereas I justified our unforgivable act: "we can buy a white sport trousers for him to play cricket. We should not worry about stripes in the garment but if it hasn't got any it would be better".