miércoles, 27 de julio de 2005

Lea Marston's (Draft 1)

Dear Mrs Gilbert,

Thank you very much for allowing me to work at your hotel in the last ten months. The work was not very interesting but I learned a great deal about what the working enviroment (for inmigrants) was like.

When you told me I ought to move all my stuff from my old room to the one upstairs the next Monday, I couldn't imagine you were going to tell Sol Clifford and Tom Harper to doit for me three days before Monday. Such a delightful surprise when I came from Birmingham and I found my old room empty.

It has been also very reassuring to find out that someone from the hotel took the trouble of check my letters before give them to me, avoiding to hand me over any envelope containing some hazardous substance my parents could have put into it.

I still remember, also, the time Liz Ravendall came to "our" house at half nine in the morning. After some time shouting "hello" all over the house, she entered the room where Isaac Fernandez and me were trying to sleep - she did not bother herself with knocking the door - and she waited for Isaac to be awake to let him know that we should clean the kitchen.
Unfortunately Isaac had just come from working a couple of hours ago and he did not fell like tidying up.

Even when Isaac was gone, Marcus O'Brien did something similar when he wanted to let us know that the "then-unknown" French guy was coming that day.
I was the one who had finished working at seven in the morning. I needed to keep sleeping and it was a bit complicated when Mr. O'Brien turned the radio on and turned the volume up as loud as posible.
Unfortunately I had blocked the door using a table and we could not meet this morning.

There has not been something such "Privacy" in Lea Marston's house until the day Xavier came here.


Any kind of advices or suggestions to: realbrucest@yahoo.es

Take care.

See you!