lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2005

Delayed - It was writen 9 days ago

I'm gonna start again
Wednesday the 17th I finally arrived to Malaga airport where my mother, my youngest brother and my aunt where waiting for me.The travel was not good at all because I felt very tired and my stomach was claiming for a proper toilet since the moment I got into the plane. There a was "a bit too much" alcohol the previous night and I also was in the hotel around 4 a.m. to say goodbye to Richard, Andy, Dave and leave a few goodbye letters. I hadn slept.

I have not sent any postcards or writen any emails to anyone yet. I have felt SO lazy here. I haven got internet at home either but I know I had to to do.I miss everyone of you all.
My first week in Spain has been very quiet, I wanted to spent some time near my my familly and I haven met many of my friends at the moment.

I have noticed that my brother (David, 21) has taken my car over. He is the one who is working now and I can not get the car everytime I want as I used to do.I need the car to see most of my friends but I feel like a thief if I ask my brother for the car cause he really needs it.

I have had to "repair" the computer already. The graphic card was burned by Oliver Rodriguez Fernandez. NOTE: if you hear a series of rare beeps coming from the computer, you just turn it off, unplug the cable; it getting too hot, don't want to know what it's going to happen after the beeps.My brother told me that his solution for the "beeps problem" was turn the radio on and turn the sound up enought for not to hear the computer noise.

I have tried the new Singstar ("Pop World") for PS2 and I did not notice any improvement in my singing despite I have been in UK for ten months.Moreover I feel proud of my listening when I playing "Resident Evil" in my Dreamcast. NOTE: as a matter of fact, all the dialogues usually go "What the Hell is that?", "Somebody help me" and "Nooooooo!!!!".

My cousin Frodo didn't pass his Japanese exams in June, he is (supossed to be) studying Japanese everyday but I don feel like joininig him yet. I have started to read kanjis over; I have forgoten a few hundreds ... :'(

I don't remember if I told everyone I wanted to go to China this year and afterwards that I changed my mind and I'm not going to go, at the moment.Well, the point is: China, not yet.
Nobody want to believe I could leave Spain again and I also feel very good here right now. It's gonna be time for me to think what I'm going to do. But, at the moment, I just want to rest, especially my mind. On holiday.The only clear thing in my mind is I did promise someone I will go back to England to stay with her and Adnaan Jinwala.

Bye 4 now.